RMA'd my NEC ND3540

I bought this drive about a month ago, and could not get a decent burn out of it. I’m not an expert, but this drive should give me better burns than my old NEC1300, and - well - I was getting average to below average with my Riteck R02’s. I have 200 of these, as they are cheap, and worth the money IMHO. Good burns gave me 1.6 M PIE’s, and it only went down hill from there. Compare that to about 100K PIE’s with the 1620. Even the Ritek R04’s are burning bad. I can’t wait around for a good BIOS while this drive gathers’s dust. I’m very dissapointed - I wanted this drive to be my stapple.

So - back to Newegg it goes.

I know how you feel. I’m still holding on to mine, but -good grief- what a dissappointment!

Most users, including myself are getting excellent burns with this drive. I have read 3 or 4 reviews of this drive and all have rated it very high. New drives with initial release firmware will have issues, and probably more so on very inexpensive, low quality media. There are dozens if not hundreds of scans available for this drive, showing you which media works best with this model. First recommendation is update firmware to latest liggy and dee, (1.W4). Second, use the Riteks as coasters for your coffee cup, (many of them are barely acceptable even for that usage). Thirdly, spend the extra $.10 per piece of media and get a decent brand like Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden, (Meritline, Supermediastore, and Rima have these brands very very cheap, and they are all authentic). Lastly, be patient, new firmware will be available shortly and should make improvments in a number of areas.


All 35## seem to do their very best on quality medias like Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim or Maxell-

Both my 3500’s excell with them - to the point that I bought a couple of backups-


Until the new firmwares come out many people have had good results with MCC 003. You might try that or exchange for a 3520 while they are still available.

I may exchange for the 3520, or a Pioneer 108. I posted here in hope that someone would convinve me to keep the drive, as I havent mailed it yet. Look at the burns attached below - exact same file, on Mini DVD Ritek G04, at 4X speed…

Guess which burn is which :a

The NEC burn will not play in my console.

I know the G02’s I’m using, are cheap. They are branded Riteks, and seem to do well once I zeroed in on the right BIOS for the BENQ. I’m using them for B-grade VCD movies I’ve been putting on DVD. Next time I buy, I will be getting a better quality media.

As far as being patient goes, I am patient - but there are no guarentees that the issues with the 3540 will ever be worked out. Its not a matter of patience, its a matter of risk. I have tried liggy and dee, (1.W4), and while I was initially pleased, I began getting failed burns, so I reverted back to the original BIOS.

Looking back at that last post, I see its vague. To clarify, the first graph is from my BENQ1620, the second from my NEC3540. Both sere scanned on the 1620. Both burns were at 4X.

Try scanning at 4x-5x. I used to love Ritek, now I won’t buy them anymore. Quality suddenly went bad about a year ago and 2 of the last 3 stacks were 30%+ coasters. Switched to TY and Verbatim and Maxell (id’d as ricohjpno1 - excellent) and haven’t had a media issue since, I’m talking about the last 150 burns no coasters at all. So it may not be the drive, try a stack of TY’s from Rima.com before you give up.

wow, i didn’t know that people were having problems with the 3540. I told my friend he should either get a 3520 or a 3540 from newegg. He knows that I have the 3520 and that i like it. Should i tell him to just go with the 3520?

As ricoman says. With good quality media this drive will give excellent results.