RMA'd drive isn't so good. RMA it again?

Hello mates,
i RMA my PX712A for really bad burns it made (thanks to Zevia & all helped me to test old drive) and i just received a refurbished one [ :a the one i sent was new since it burned no more that 60 dvd :a ] i’m not happy with.

Its burns with are so so variable.
Few dvd have PIE under 20,but most various from 40 to 100 and more and i’m using MCC & TY dvd. Always more than 30000 total pie error.

Well i thought Plextor standards were a bit higher. Not that i get coaster but…i can’t get excellent (undr 20 pie) scan either!

Should i explain the matter to Plextor asking for another RMA?

IF that happend to me I explain to plextor the problem ( you send a drive almost new ) and you have now a refurbished one that you think that don’t work ok.

Yes ask for another RMA and keep it up until you are satisfied. You can see just by looking in the Plextor scans that the 712 is capable of exellent burns.
I changed my 716A 3 times before I was satisfied. :slight_smile:

I agree with these folks above, send it back if you are not satisfied Plextor needs to make this right for you. Good Luck!

When you get the new RMA drive tell us the results :wink:

Yes i will for sure. By the way tahnks a lot for your tips.
According to you what should i report as reason for this 2nd RMA?