RMA tips?

The 716a I bought in March is having a hard time reading CDs. It’s gotten so bad that it won’t even read the CDs it records (but my other players/burners will read them). It looks like it’s time to send it to Plextor.

Does anyone have any special tips that might speed the process along?


I basically called Plextor on the phone…and did the RMA with the tech. Then, when I sent the first drive back…I sent insured via Fedex…two day. The turnaround totalled 7 days. Unfortunately, the first and second replacements were bad…so I am still waiting. But at least after the first replacement…Plextor has been paying freight both ways…


That’s good. Did you ask the rep or is it standard now?

I paid the freight on the first one. When the first replacement was bad, I asked how they could have me pay to sent another one…that’s when he told me that they took care of it. I hope it doesn’t come to that for you. I have had two bad replacements…not good


Thanks for the tip, Bob. I should have sent mine back to Newegg as soon as I got it, but it was my only dvd-rw at the time and I needed to burn some dvds. I knew it wasn’t reading CDs right, but it was actually a few weeks before I tried burning a CD. I was in denial about it needing service, even though I knew better.

GTX, check newegg’s “My Account” and see if you can still RMA through newegg.

Thanks, zevia. I tried that before posting here, but that’s a good tip for people that buy from Newegg. They replaced an 8 month old video card for me once when the manufacturer wouldn’t stand behind it. Unfortunately, my 716a must go back to Plextor.

In UK you just ring up DHL and quote them the account number that Plextor RMA guys give you in e-mail, and just arrange a day and AM/PM for the DHL guys to pick it up. Very slick :slight_smile:

As long as it’s packed okay, there shouldn’t be any problems (I used an old hard disk box the first time. Now I just keep the parcel they send it to me in and use that… am currently on my 4th RMA… :frowning:

Interestingly DHL have changed their package policy, and I had to un-tape my box before the guy would take it :frowning:
(I suspect it’s something to do with the London bombs; Maybe they have to check all parcels now?)

And the RMA nightmare’s from Plextor continue and so do the excuses, you need to stay on their ass period. My RMA was signed for at their location, they can’t find it now, and won’t send a replacement out until they do, they have the tracking number and the name of the individual that signed for it on their end, now I have to wait for them to call me to let me know whats going on, because of their incompetence. Let the plextor supporters jump on this one, but their is proof they have it, by signature, date and time, they lost it and now I have to wait for them to clear it up. I for one will not support Plextor anymore nor will I recommend they be used in custom systems based soley on my RMA experiences with these jack-asses.

wow. thats pretty bad man. :eek: good luck man!

They never called me back as promised, so I called them back, the good news is they found my box, the bad news is they won’t send one out until after next tuesday, some lame excuse about inventory being conducted, so I guess customer service stops for ten days to two weeks, they let their customers take it up the shorts without even making the effort to satisfy.

Very *@#$%^%$$$ to say the least! This thread is very informative and distressing at the same time!

i shipped my dead 716A july 11 and got it back july 14. That’s pretty good turn around. Keep in mind i dealy with memofix since i am located in canada.

they sent me what seems to be a brand new 716A tla 0203. upgraded the firmware to 1.08 did some test burns and everything seems to be ok.

having to rma my original 716A made me lost faith in plextor. king of quality… whatever. i’ve been through plex 8432, premium, and now the 716A. my 8432 is still going after thousands of burns. i guess their quality control isn’t as good as it used to be. rest assured i won’t be paying a premium for anymore plextor drives.

Well this 716SA worked for a whole week before it stopped recognizing any and all media, I mean it won’t even let me conduct a self test, any media and I mean any media I try to use is not recognized and reflashing didn’t do anything for it.

they sent me what seems to be a brand new 716A tla 0203.
mine was too, but they aren’t new look at the manufacture date, how about 7 months old, they were manufactured in Dec 2004 and made in China

Well since they didn’t give me a shipping number for my 712SA yesterday like they were supposed to, I called them back, now I may never get my 712SA back, they want to send me another 716SA instead of the 712SA, which is useless for my needs, and considering the problems i’m having with this 716SA they just sent me, I don’t want another 716SA, don’t need another, so my next question when will I get my 712SA returned, “I don’t know if you ever will, but we’ll send you something…hopefully”. So as you can see the Saga continues and not favorably either.

Well Plextor called yesterday afternoon wanted to know if it was ok to send the 712A, it told them as long as they sent the difference in price go for it, it appears that wasn’t an option. They have to send me equal too or better than, and since I have a 716SA on it’s way because of RMA it’s not an option to send one of them as a replacement, they have no idea what to do, none at all.