RMA PX4012A - replacement old TLA?

Hi guys, i just received the replacement for my old and trusty P4012A which i RMAed a few days ago.

The drive was one of the very first having a TLA#0001. The replacement - the RMA papers clearly state its a replacement, has a TLA # 0006 while the date on it is May 2004. Now i know there are other drives out there with newer hardware revisions like TLA#01xx etc.

So what’s up with the drive? Is it an older RMAed drive that just got serviced and not new?

I believe Plextor uses refurbished products for RMA purposes, so your replacement drive is most likely a refurbished one. The replacement I received for my PX-708A was that way.

If a particular model is no longer manufactured, then RMA drives will likely be refurbished as opposed to new.

Not every Plextor drive undergoes a hardware revision. Unfortunately I don’t know if the PX-W4012TA is available in different hardware revisions. I haven’t seen them around.

I guess there might not be a newer hw revision - although i doubt it.

Anyways does anybody know what stands with the guarantee after the RMA - do i get another 3 years or what ever was left from the first drive? - yes i did wake up in the lazy side of the bed today :stuck_out_tongue:

The original warranty is not extended via the RMA process. Plextor warranties the drive for one year in the US, two years in Europe from date of purchase. During that time, if the original drive fails, Plextor will repair/replace the drive with same model (or newer if out of stock on the original). If the drive fails again in the warranty period, Plextor will again RMA it. This will continue (hopefully not) until the original warranty period expires.