RMA or not to RMA?

I noticed that my drive with Powerrec ON or OFF it would a burn real bad PIF’s at the end of the disc around 3-4 gig. If it does this on TYG01 you could imagine what all the other ones look like.
Plextor 716A AS:ON PR:ON TYG01 at 4x

Here is a scan on my liteon for a comparison ITS the same disc

Its kinda strange how a sum1 scan on the plextor shows a big spike, but on a liteon scan its not there. It does this to my other media too, is this really worth it to RMA?

If the spikes happen to all of your TYG01, than it’s probably your media. Did you try other media, TYG02 maybe?

As I’ve said many times before; the PI/PO tests are to be taken with a grain of salt. They represent how a particular drive can read a particular disc. The only thing that is important after burning a disc is if it can be read back without problems. In case of a DVD-Video disc back-up, I personally think that the only important thing is that my DVD players can read the disc without pixilation or hiccups. Your scans confirm what I’ve said: one drive sees a max PIF of 6 while another sees a max PIF of 3. Which drive is right? Neither… or both (depending on how you look at it really). Hope this helps you a little.

Yeah I know that the scans are diffrent, its kinda funny how some people would get a consistant scan, so far I have never got a scan that looks the same on the plextor and the liteon. Plextor would report errors on a disc and the liteon would not. I kinda trust the liteon more now since most of my scans on generic media with the plextor goes way out there. I’ll try diffrent media, prob 5 diffrent brands from the recommended list and see what I get. Right now blaming the drive is the last thing I want to do. Well the disc works fine where ever I put it into, reading all about the quality checks problem people been having got me a little worried. Thanks for your advise guys got more testing to do…

giver411, like zevia said… I would definitely try some other media before even considering RMA’ing the drive. All I burn is mainly TY, and I’ve gone thru a lot of it, and something I’ve learned is just because it’s TY doesn’t mean it’s perfect media. I’ve had batches of TY02 with spikes at the end, TYG02 with a few spikes, etc… Don’t get me wrong, TY is good stuff.:iagree:, it’s just not perfect all the time.

You mentioned the scans looking different in Kprobe than they do in Plextools, and vice versa. Of all the media I’ve ever burned… TY02 +R is about the only media that I’ve seen that would look basically the same in Kprobe and Plextools.(and I wouldn’t read anything into that) Like G@M3FR3@K said… I’d take that with a grain of salt. Good luck.