RMA my DW1640?

Do I need to RMA my just delivered Benq DW1640? It makes beautiful burns but the green LED does not shut off as long as a disk is in there. Is this normal?

Thanks for your advice!

Perfectly normal. It just indicates that there’s a disc in the drive. :slight_smile:


whew! Thanks for the quick reply. Santa NCIX just dropped it off at my door and I would hate to send it back. I am getting BEAUTIFUL burns!

For explample, RICOHJPN R01 MCSE up to 8x… :clap:

Yeah, oddly enough, it’s perfectly normal. I would’ve thought that the green LED should be constantly on whilst burning, and not pulsating, and completely off when there’s no disc activity. Oh well, can’t complain though, since it’s giving me glorious burns :slight_smile:


That’s an excellent burn you’ve got there. AFAIK, that firmware you’re currently using doesn’t have a write strategy for RICOHJPNR01; so what strategy did you using to achieve those results?

It is sposed to get the Solid Burn WOPC which is a media learning tech, Maybe they all ready implemented it or it is in the latest new version. I have one coming too and I love my 1620’s I have now. Hopefully mine will be here tomorrow, it’s late now but is on its way.

almost thought id see the first complaint about the BenQ DW1640. I know its somewhat early since its release, but i have yet to see someone need to RMA or complain about the 1640. The 1620 seemed to be the most complained about drive and seemed to have the highest RMA rate out of the popular DVD writers.

btw, nice scan for that media.

I bought one of the first 1600 OEM drives out and it’s been steller for over a year and is now a 1620 pro :slight_smile: It depends on when you got the drive and where made I guess. I think many had good luck but they had a bad run of parts. I also have a newer one that works just fine also in a external box.

@happyspader: I am using the RICOHJPNR02 strategy.

Thought so :slight_smile:

I’m using the same stratgey as you and achieving similarly excellent burns with my 1640.

There is no RICOHJPNR01 media code shown in the MCSE list of BSJB to switch to the R02 strategy. So how can you use the R02 strategy and how can you burn at 8x?

I was in the Lite-On camp with my 812@832 thanks to Omnipatcher but I must say, this 1640 sure is a great burner.