RMA for burner exchange?

I’m having a LOT of problems trying to make a PX-760SA work.
I don’t know how strange my idea is but… do you think it is possible to ask Plextor to have a 760A giving them back this 760SA??

Won’t work. If within your 30 day window, return to vendor for exchange/refund. What is your OS, system mobo and sata controller. Most problems are system hardware, not the drive.

if you’re in Europe try to contact Plextor Belgium maybe they can do something.

My config: Asus P4PE + Pentium4 2.4GHz, SATA controller Silicon Image SIL3112 (bios rel. 4.2.79), Windows 2000 and Linux.
Currently, after the upgrade of the SIL3112’s bios (I had a 4.1.x bios release), I 'm no more able to boot Windows (unless I disconnect the sata cable).
Linux boots, but it seems that neither k3b(+growisofs) nor xcdroast(+cdrecord-prodvd) can manage to burn correctly a dvd.
Previously, when I was able to boot Windows, I could burn dvds but verifying always failed.

try to resinstall windows and latest silicon image drivers