RM to avi software



k, i give up, i had been trying to find a good and easy software to convert .rm to .avi, but i can’t find one, the closest one is Rm Converter, but it is going to write watermarks on the file if i dun register it


can anyone recommend me a software?


You might want to check out dvdrhelp.com (if you haven’t already :slight_smile: ) Lots of handy tools available.


k, i went to that site, but it only like recommend EO Video, I kind of use it, it is so freaken slow, any more suggestions?


Try this link to DVDRHelp. Came up with 6 different apps.
Hopefully, you will find something you like. Good luck!



BTW…I recently captured video as DV which turned out to be an .avi file. The files were so large, I couldn’t fit hardly anything on a DVD. I tried TEMPEng to convert them to .mpg. It took longer to convert than the clip did to play! So I just recaptured everything and made sure I put it into mpg format. I don’t know if all converters take that long or what.


DAMN, i just found out that the extension .rmvb (thought rm and rmvb is the same), sorry eelydnic


No problem… Hope you find what your looking for.:slight_smile:


K, eelydnic, the extension is .rmvb, i went to www.videohelp.com that site that u told me to visit, however, in that site’s guides, it doesn’t have rmvb to watever, only .rm to watever


k, just in case someone reading this post wonders “Why don’t you just ask Real to tell you the answer?” I e-mailed them and their replied is a whole bunch of crap (keep visiting www.real.com to check for the new features) and “Please note that it is not possible to convert .rmvd to a SVCD”


should i just give up on turning the .rmvb file into a vcd?


Do a search for RMVB files. I did (just out of curiousity :bigsmile: ) and got alot of hits. I don’t think your the only one out there with a problem. Here’s a link to an interesting looking site


k, it ain’t easy, here is the solution for ppl who want to turn .rmvb into a SVCD

First of all, you need Real Alternative 1.22, Streambox Ripper 2.009 and TMPGEnc Plus 2.5. Install of these program, start Streambox Ripper, drag the .rmvb onto the SR program, then exact the ‘sounds’ out of the file (movie likely), try to use .wav. Start TMPGENc Plus 2.5, select the .rmvb file (use the all of the files option under ‘Files of Type’), then start the convertion process. Not the role Real Alternative played in this .rmvb to SVCD process, but you got to install it.


k, forgot one thing, in the TMPGEnc, you should change the sound source to the extracted .wav file instead of the one used in the .rmvb file