RJ45 crossover or not?


I have ordered an RJ45 crossover cable to link 2 computers.

However, I would like to know, in terms of appearance what the difference is between the two, so that prior to paying at the shop i can check it is correct.

Sorry if its a stupid question, but completely new to networking…


Appearance wise there won’t be a difference. Cable wise there is no difference. The difference is in the termination of the cable.

A standard patch cable with be terminated identically on both ends, while a crossover cable will not. Depending on what standard is the norm for your will dictate which pair of wires is crossed.

It’s probably a safe bet that whatever bin is marked as crossover cables will indeed have the right type of cable.

Thanks for reply :slight_smile: - very fast!

Your explanation is very good and now I understand the diff. Thanks!

I only ask, as the cable is being ordered specially for me - not in a bin at a shop - as they only has 3.2M and i require at least 7 metre.

Thanks again