Riva TNT2 pci



I have now a pentium 233 mmx o/c to 266 and a voodoo 2 card. Since i have no agp slot i would like to know if it was a good idea to buy that card. Will i gain much speed i playing games ? Or will i better wait till the G-force pci comes out and i don’t want to buy a new pc

thanx in advance


A geforce and tnt 2 pci.
Never heard of it


Asus has a tnt2 pci and elsa is planning to make a geforce pci


You could buy such a card, it gives you a bit more speed and gives you time to collect more money for a full upgrade some time later. Personally I don’t think it will go much faster cause with those specs you’re not even getting the best out of your voodoo2. So I’d say if you can easily miss the money go for it, however if it’s your last wait, cuase it won’t give you that much speed increasement.