RITEKUSA/CONREXX B/C/D grade / defective media (RIDATA/ARITA/TRAXDATA +). Results

I’ve been reading with interest the recent problems some users are having with ENET products and quality of their discs compared to other brands such as RITEK/MCC etc. The thread that OCFREAK started is getting quite long with examples covering a wide scope of ENET discs brands from all the manufacturers (Prodisc, CMC, RITEK, INFOSMART etc)

In Europe I would say that CONREXX (RITEK Europe) and ENET are probably the biggest 2 distributors of optical media. As we’ve heard a lot of people mention and comment on ENET quality (including it’s RITEK range), no one has asked about the other side. What about RITEK quality, especially those from the other RITEK distributor (i.e. CONREXX and their distributors)?

I’ve just posted a couple of really bad RITEK http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=87408&page=5#post981553 and reading the threads here, I have understood that despite the RITEK brands still having a good overall reputation, their QC of late and consistency has left a lot to be desired and I think there are a lot of dissatisfied customers here. Take a look at this thread :


I invite all dissatisfied users to post scans and results of any of the brands distributed by CONREXX and to make it fair, RITEK USA (Advanced Media), RITEK Austrailia to gauge whether this RITEK quality issue is isolated in Europe, USA, or is starting to be a Worldwide problem.

The format should be simple, let the scans do the talking. We are interested in PI/PO scans plus a short line comment on :

  1. Speed of Burn
  2. Hardware Used
  3. Where and when the RITEK discs were purchased

Only OFFICIAL RITEK brands we are interested in here (people with Bad ENET RITEK should post on the ENET thread). These are :

LANDSCAPE (aka. Mountain Water)

I guess I’ll start!

TRAXDATA FULL FACE WHITE PRINTABLE in 25 tub - disc burnt ok, but took 12 mins, will read back only on my new NEC3520, no other drive will read it.
Burnt at 8X on NEC 3520 f/w 3.04
Bought from RAMBOX.CO.UK last week

RIDATA 4X DVD-R White Printable in 50 cell wrap - disc no longer reads in any of my players.
Burnt at 4X on Pioneer 105 / Apple Superdrive
Bought late last year from a Computer Fair in St Albans, Herts

Can’t do the pi/po scans accurately as i only have pioneers and wont buy liteon drives but:

Ridata-Mixed Results
Arita-Mixed Results
Traxdata-Excellent Results(especially 8x fullface printables)
Landscape-Landfill Material

Bought from Rambox and Disc city and all burnt at there rated speeds

Here are a couple of scans of the Ridisc Xtreme RITEKG05 8x DVD-R

Not all RITEKG05 media is bad

I did a report on poor quality Ritek meda over a year ago READ HERE
It seems like history is repeating itself

Traxdata fullface 8x DVD-R :Z

Kindly provided by Conrexx technology.

Test results found in this thread: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=135116

Hi Flash, Slimshany is mentioning that we should only post official RITEK brands. I believe Ridisc is an E-Net brand.

Here is an excerpt from an article I produced over 12 months ago
It looks like history repeating itself

Worst Ritek DVD media ever produced-look in!!!

just bought some arita 4 speed dvd-r from a respected online retailer on opening the packet i came across some of the worst discs in the history of the world. I am going to scan them and find some webspace so i can upload them. Out of 50 discs more then 10 of them are like this.

Arita is a Ritek owned brand name you would think that for their own brand they would use some half decent quality discs.

UPDATE: (15/06/04)
I have just received an email from Ritek regarding my article on the Ritek media and they are concerned about any misunderstanding that this article may have produced and this is what they have to say.

We noticed that a “Hot Stories” in your web page hyperlink to an article which described a story about Ritek “landscape” or “mountain water” DVD-R quality.It questioned what’s happened to Ritek DVD-R quality? For this, we have something to say.

Actually, Ritek has some qualified distributors to handle all “landscape” or “mountain water” low-grade DVD-R sales; they are mainly for copy market in Southern East Asia or South America. Bundling with duplicator, by special tune-up enhancement to feature low-grade DVD-R a better performance. But, according to pictures shown with the article, it indicated an obvious poor manufacturing defects.

We have same feeling that this should be a dumped DVD-R material, should be scrapped and would have no possibility to re-ship to market side. If it indeed happened, we regret to hear that had brought trouble, upset and inconvenience to this user

I am awaiting an official statement from them to add further light to the matter

Over the last 6 months or so I have noticed a deterioration in the quality of the Ritek DVD-R media that I have been using, and having received a lot of complaints after I originally praised them as being one of the best all round disc on the market, I decided that it was about time I voiced my opinion.

I expect this problem has arisen with the fact that inferior brands have come onto the market at a reduced price and Ritek wanting to keep up with the sales has supplied their B, C, D, & E grade discs at competitive prices. These prices are tempting but represent a false economy when you realise that over 90% of these discs are likely to be rejects.

I have examined some of these discs and I can clearly see the defects. I would put them down as ‘C’ grade or worse.

What the problem discs look like

The discs which are causing the problems are the ones described as ‘Landscape’, ‘Mountain Water’ or ‘Mountains and Streams’ and should be avoided at all costs. Here are 5 scans taken from a single 25 disc spindle:

The red circles have been added to highlight where the problems are

More of those red circles…

… another coaster…

… and another…

… and another, very disappointing.

The majority of these discs have obvious manufacturing defects which can be seen from the scans. These defects would have easily been picked up by Riteks own Quality Control so it seems obvious that these discs are known to be inferior and IMO should be marked up as such during manufacture instead of being described by the resellers as:
“Manufactured by RITEK. Great quality disc with a new top surface!”

Ritek have stopped supplying the silver unbranded disc and you will find supplies of this disc diminishing as stocks run out.

I still think that the Grade A Ritek is one of the best discs around. It offers very good value for money but the willingness of Ritek to obviously allow their inferior quality media to be marketed in the UK without any indication as to the quality upsets me and leads me to start looking for a comparable and more consistent disc manufacturer.

If you are thinking of purchasing any Ritek media I advise you to get assurance from your supplier as to the quality and a guarantee as such. If you are a reputable supplier thinking of marketing such media please describe them correctly so that the end user knows what he is buying.

I could do one of the PI scans with dvdinfo but i have’t a scooby on what those pi’s are so if someone could explain…

Anyway back to the discs… first i dont know if in makes a difference country wise. i.e. one brand of discs quality is better than the same brand in another country or not but just in case in im the uk.

I have used Arita G04’s but they was crap, later found out they was B Grade, only got a couple of good burns out of them.

A Grade Riteks ive used are…

Datawrite(G04) … was ok not brilliant, had a couple of bad burns
Ridisc(G04) … So,so… One 50 spindle would be fine. another i would only get about 35-40 good discs, the others just would not burn.
Ritek Branded Purple Tops(G04) … Excellent, no prblems
Traxdata(G03,G04) … Excellent, no problems
Traxdata(G05) … have’nt burnt meny so cant really say just yet, what i have burnt are fine.
Traxdata(G04) 8CM … Work a treat on the GC
Ridata White Tops(G04) … From what i recall not as good quality wise as the trax or ritek branded but better than the Ridisc
Ritek Branded Silver Tops … Cant really remember only used 10 and it was along time back.

Flash, thanks for the post, but I was really looking for scans.

If you can try scanning these ARITA discs, I would be very interested in seeing the results.

Jedi Master Yoda, which Burner do you have? If it’s a LiteOn (use Kprobe to scan) or if it’s a BENQ or NEC 3520 or greater you could use DVDINFOPRO or CDSPEED to scan. Plextools with most Plextor Burners also can do PI/PO scanning. For more information, please read this thread :

Thread on Testing

There are not many drive manufacturers that support PI/PO scanning, so if you’re drive doesn’t support it, maybe you can borrow a friends.

Also, please limit the scans & comments to just the brands listed above (RIDATA/TRAXDATA/ARITA/RITEK’s own branded) etc


The condition of this media prevented burning so the next best thing was a photographic scan

@slimshany … i have a Pioneer A05. My bad, i got a bit carryed away with the different medias.

Hi Guys,

Note how late I am coming in on this but I see you’re all having a go at disc quality. I have been buying various media for over 20 years and I have seen suppliers and distributors come and go. The one thing that has always been common place is that there is always someone in the market who seems to be offering a great deal but when you receive the product you have nothing but problems. Lads, general rule of thumb on everything in life is “If it looks to good to be true, it generally is.” Cheap media is just that- cheap. Your vendor may tell you it’s A Grade at a great price but quite clearly some of the stuff here is not. If it’s sold to you as A grade and clearly isn’t send it back. Demand a refund, inform your credit card company you will not be paying for it and go elsewhere, to someone more reputable who is going to sell A Grade product when you ask for A Grade product. This, unfortunately, means you will be charged A Grade pricing. It’s up to you. Pay your money and take your chances. Let’s face it, is it worth saving € 0.05 - € 0.10 per disc for all this aggravation? I was talking to a guy who was does weddings a few months back. He told me he bought his white inkjet DVD-R for under € 0.10, knowing full well it was B or C Grade. When I checked out his Web Site to see how much he charged for a one day wedding shoot I laughed. His attempt to save money on the disc was just ridiculously mean. Quality costs, and in terms of CD-R & DVD-R it doesn’t cost that much more than some of the rubbish available out there.

Smile and the world smiles at you. :slight_smile:

A 3 year old thread revived… Ritek F1/16 are much better than the G04/05 fiasco of ye olden days. Longevity-wise though it’s too early to say as I’ve only been using these for about half a year. Scans are pretty I must say, but still far from being top-notch as compared to MCC/TY - and the DVD-R variant has good compatibility from what I’ve heard/read. Decent discs for short-term DVD-Video production.

There are still 8x Arita floating in the market of G05 fame, picked some up for giveaways. Will scan and post when I have time. :wink: