RITEKS G04 2 diferent batch numbers and 2 very diferent burns

firstly they are both datasafe 4x riteks bought at the same time this one has a batch code being H4-XXXXXX and writes with a perfect graph

00000000 00 6A 00 00 01 40 C1 FD 9E D8 52 00 02 96 0E 14 .j…@…R…
00000010 88 9A 80 00 03 52 49 54 45 4B 47 00 04 30 34 00 …RITEKG…04.
00000020 00 00 00 00 05 88 80 00 00 00 02 00 06 08 12 11 …

the other starts with a J3-XXXXXXX batch code and is absolutely rubbish

00000000 00 6C 00 00 01 40 C1 FD 9E D8 52 00 02 76 0E 14 .l…@…R…v…
00000010 88 9A 80 00 03 52 49 54 45 4B 47 00 04 30 34 00 …RITEKG…04.
00000020 00 00 00 00 05 88 80 00 00 00 01 00 06 08 12 11 …

notice the top one has a j and the other a i or l thing is u really cant tell what they are until u buy them

just me 2 pence worth

6A and 6C shouldn’t have to do anything with the write quality. The 96 and 76 could have to do something with it, but shouldn’t have a big influence at all!

I also have a dilema with ritek g04 if I use V2 beta4 absolutly perfect(pi 64 po 000)
If I use beta 9 I get a coaster and in the other hand if i use v2 beta4 ricoh(I have a lot)lose much quality why is this so?

Beta 9 had a bug on DVD-R, this has been solved with 107v2 Beta 4. I don’t know about the problems with RICOHJPN R01. Their quality seems to vary lots from batch to batch :frowning:

thanks for your answer herrie can happen something wrong to my nec if i change the firmware depending of the disc I use?:slight_smile:

all i know is that the top one works fine at 8x and the bottom code doesnt even write at 4x proper ive been through about 4-5 diferent firmwares and there mostly the same , thing is when u order through a web site u dont know what batch code etc ure getting , ive read on other forums that others are having bad experiences with the J3 batch code , just thought that peeps should check what batch codes they got b4 they compare quality as its probably dwn to the disk and not firmware

Very unlikely.

I suspected it thanx wesociety:)

Can anyone else confirm that the J3 batch is “rubbish”?

Like i said Riteks are like a box of chocolate never know what your gonna get!

i use to be a dard hard ritek fan but i havnt and wont be buying them no more , got to agree on the box of choclates , wish they bloody were as at least id be able to eat um instead of binning um :slight_smile:

I will never purchase Ritek data again for the same reason.

before I knew the subtle difference between the 2 media codes mentioned
in this thread. I order a small number of -Rs and got the “good” ones then purchased a larger order and got the “crap” ones.

Silly way to do business and they will never get my $$ again.

I have the same problem. I have ritek purple 4x with S/N J3-01xxxx and they are not so good (my standalone DVD player doesn’t read them very well). They have tiny dots on the recordable surface and i think it means the disc is not very good. Also i have other ritek discs with S/N H4-05xxxx and i think they are the best DVD-R i’ve ever tested.
There is a very big differente between them.


PD: I’m sorry, my english isn’t very good.

The G04’s with batch codes starting with H4-XXXX… are the most stable Ritek’s out there…

It appears most (but not all) the Riteks I have been using have the serial
number of J3-0XXX, and a few H5-0XXX. Hmm, I have given up on
this brand of disks untill I can be reasonably sure I what I am getting.

These serial numbers gave me problem in both my NEC 2500a (as others on
the board have claimed) and my older Sony DRU500a.

Thanks for the replies all.

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Where are these batch numbers found? Is it the inner plastic of the disc? I have ones with H4-04L19402057586D00 written on the inner plastic.

DVD Info Pro scans them as the “76” media code which I thought was not good!

I got these in Australia.

yes found on the inner circle , what results do u get with them , i did state that i was getting bad results even with them till i flashed to the new 2.15 DL firmware

oh, I dont have a NEC! I have a Pioneer 106D which I hope to upgrade within 6 months. Waiting for dual layer DVDs to drop in price.

I read somewhere you should use the Sony write strategy when writing g04’s, but you will need to check for yourself.

Do you have a liteon to do a K-Probe?

I had a set of 50 H4-xxxx disk’s I burned w/o a problem. I’m now on a set of H5-xxxx, which also burn w/o any problems… Running 1.07 v2 beta 4…