RitekR04 on Liteon 811S



okay i have a liteon 811s. i bought 16x ritek media think that well its cheap now and should burn fine with the older drive. well come to find out that it does not. :frowning:

so i added the RITEKR04 media code using the omnipatcher

below are my kprobe and nero cd-dvd speed scans.

should i just give up and get a new drive… like the new NEC 3540A or something else or try to make this drive write the new media?

below images are burned at 8x using the media code RICOHJPNR01


burned at 8x using media code RicohJPNR02


burned at 8x using media code YUDENT02

im going to also add the scans using RITEKR03 which i burned first but forgot to save the images. but they should be similar to this burn because they are using the same media code.


here is the 8x Burn with media code set as RITEKR03

would you use any of these to backup data that you wanted to retrieve?

im starting to think that it is more trouble and time consuming and waste of media to find a good media code.

any comments would be great :slight_smile:

PS if i do go with a new burner i would like a overall troublefree/less trouble burner

dont get me wrong i love my liteon drives but the burners dont always like new media or the same media from spindle to spindle… :confused:


i have a 811s myself the burns\scans are normal for a 811s
i have similar results\scans

after trying all firmware i stick with HS0E omnipatched/ disable learning media

all the DVD,s i burned with this firmware play well in the 3 [home cinema] dvd players that i own :clap:


i just hate having to check every dvd to see if it burned good. im really thinking about getting the NEC 3540A because it looks like it is pretty good with most media. and i also need bitsetting so using a older firmware is not an option for me.