RITEKR04 and 1633S



I have BS0S Firmware and the RitekR04 16x dvd+R

I did a burn at 16x.

Kprobe settings were with a speed of 4x PISUM 8 PIF Sum 1

any help on a firmware that would let me burn a good quality burn ? any recommendations as to which 16x to use?


magnatique -

I haven’t had great success with Ritek R04s (admittedly, I’m very new to burning DVDs) - at least from a cost-effective standpoint. I have a NEC3500 with the latest dee/liggy firmware and the results of tests with R04s and Nero CD-DVD Speed average a little over 6 minutes with some unreadables (see images) - compared to some Taiyo Yuden TYG02s which test(at 12x) on average at a little over 6 and a half minutes with great results (no unreadables - so far)… See the included images.

R04 test burn:

TYG02 test burn:

R04 read test:

TYG02 read test:

Just my 2 cents worth.


That’s not really a bad burn for a 1633 at 16x, better than most actually.


heh, I deal with a lot of backup and lots of dvds I have to send to clients on large file projects… so whenever I buy a new dvd writer, I am trying to get the best media combo to get work done…

if these results can guarantee me that I will never have a client, or myself, find one of the dvd not being fully readable, then that’ll work :wink:

but there must be some media at 16x that do better? any suggestions? what about other firmware hacks? using another burn setting for my RitekR04? I know on my 8x liteon I had to make the drive believe it was r05 for r06, or r04 for r05… don’t rememmber anymore, but it made a world of a difference… anything like that?


If you want dependable discs, don’t burn at 16x (especially on a LiteOn). Stick with 8x on the 1633 and use only top quality media like TY, MCC or Maxell. Try one of the Ritek at 8x and see how it looks, I bet you’ll be pleased.



The Verbatim 16x -R’s got a very good review elsewhere in here (do a search)-

www.supermediastroe.com currently has them for 75 for $28 shipped after $30 Mail In Rebate which comes out to like $.38 each-

I got mine coming-



true, but with a big quantity of backup to do, 16x vs 8x makes a difference in the time I have to do other stuff during the day :wink:

trying to find the best combination hehe

thanks, I’ll try the verbatim


My point was that you won’t get reliable burns at 16x with a 1633 burner. Unless you are lucky enough to have gotten a particularly good one. You can try for 12x if you use top quality media.


they’re just not good enough compared to the sony’s ?

when I bought them I went with the idea they’d make as good a product as how their 8x was


Sony uses the same drive (manufactured by LiteOn, branded as Sony).
These drives are notorious for their poor 16x burning quality.
If you want consistent good quality burns at 16x, you’ll need to get another drive such as an NEC or BenQ. I’m also suprised that the scan in your 1st post looks that good for a 16x burn on a 1633S.


k, thanks for the info guys… all out of luck since I got all the office with these heh… I guess I might just burn at 8x then heh

but let’s say I was gonna burn still at 16x, having a higher than 8x PI error count, would I have a problem getting the dvds to be read when it’s only for file storage? I mean, I would assume that where you need good quality burns is mostly for dvds or movie dvds where the readers aren’t as lenient as the computer dvd readers? I am correct in making that assumption?


Yes, that’s a generalization, but remember that error levels generally increase over time…
The new Sony 710 firmware BYX3 looks pretty good…