RitekM02 and 812@832

Well for my first media I was going to get some cheaper stuff since I figured I could be screwing up some blank dvds and didn’t want it too cost me a lot. I ordered Ritek G04. They arrived today and I burned one and then when I went to do a kprobe scan it says RITEKM02. Did they send me the wrong media? I have never heard of M02. My media knowledge is pretty limited though.

I knew G04 burns better with different write stratagies and could be burned at 8x. What about this M02?

Here is the kprobe scan

Supposedly, the RITEKM02 is a new disc type based on a Mitsubishi dye instead of Ritek’s vaunted (not!) G04 dye. I dunno. That’s what what I heard. Maybe a Mitsubishi strat might help? :confused:

Thanks code. One question though, in omnipatcher which strats are mitsubishi? I remember reading the name Mitsubishi Chemical before. So I would guess either MCC or MCI.

Once I figure that out I will burn a few discs to see if it helps. And of course post it in the changed strat results thread.