last week i burned a few of these disks and it worked well

today i try to burn the same data and the software (nero and plextools) says it completed successfully but the disks burnt with nero isn’t readable
the ones burnt with plextools have a rediculous amt of errors
what is weird is that the disks get scratched up while burning

i poped in a verbatim cdr and it burned flawlessly, no scratches. the same goes for the ritekG05 media i used last week

can’t get any other dvdr media atm

Welcome to the forum.

Most people here have been aware of the longterm decline in quality of all Ritek media. It is no surprise that your G05s are variable in quality. I have experienced good burns that deteriorated to trash after 3 months.

I would suggest you throw your G05s in the garbage and pay close attention to those you have already burned. If you cannot scan, I would reburn anything you have on G05. BTW, the Verbatims are a good alternate choice as are TY.

The scratches are odd. :confused: :confused:


didn’t know that about the ridata
i’ll prolly see if i can sell it
the scratches are odd, because it had me wondering if they were bought like that

the second disk confirmed that i wasn’t bougth like that