RITEKG05 burning 8x on 2500A?

Hi, my first post here!

I have a Nec 2500A with stock 1.06 firmware and am trying to burn
RITEKG05 disks(AVB brand from newegg) at 8x with Nero 6, but Nero
doesn’t even give the option of burning at 8x, only 4x and under.
I didn’t load the 1.07 Herrie firmware because I’m not interested in
DL burns and these AVB disks are rated at 8x. Will I need to upgrade
to the hacked firmware just to get the Nec to burn 8x with this disk?
Or is there another way to get this to work?

Thanks in advance.

Yes you will, Nec didn’t provide 8X with those Ritek g05 discs because not all are good enough to make sure ya have good burns at 8X, you will need to flash to 107v2b4 or b5, both are good.
But I don’t recommend burning them at 8X…

This is exactly the problem I’m writing about in my thread below about the 2500a in the external firewire enclosure - maybe I’m naive, but I assumed that when I have an 8x writer and I’m using a disc officially rated as 8x I should be able to burn at 8x. Obviously not.

So you’re saying that I’ll have this problem with all RITEK G05 discs?

Not with all, but the quality of the dye is no longer trustworthy. Some are good but some are rather poor.

So how fast would you burn the RitekG05 disks?

It seems that many people on the forum have had success burning
media rated at 4x(such as RitekG04) at 8x. It seems odd that you
would have trouble burning 8x media at 8x. If this is the case, then
I wasted my money cause I could’ve bought much cheaper 4x media.

I guess I will flash to the herrie firmware and see what happens.


I was wondering how well the G05 performs, so I bought five Platinum branded DVD-R 8x with RiTEKG05 dye in jewelcases for 5,22 EUR.
I flashed my ND-2500A back to the older stock 1.06 (as the 8x write descriptor is available in this firmware) and burned a data disc @8x. Too bad I don’t own a LiteOn burner these days, so I cannot kprobe the disc.
I read it out with my JLMS XJ-HD166S instead, on wich I installed the modded firmware DS1C from the Codeguys to allow up to 16x reading speed. And what I got was a real surprise; I didn’t expect this result!


Legnerp, did you just say that you burned the RitekG05 disks at 8x
with the stock 1.06 firmware? I thought from the above posts
that this wasn’t possible to do. What gives?


The 8x write descriptor (the ability to write @8x) is available in the NEC firmwares up to the newer 1.06 (means 1.05, 1.06old, 1.06new) and it is also available in Herries 1.07v2b4 and 1.07v2b5dl.
It is NOT available in NECs 1.07(2500A), 2.04(2510A), 2.15(2510A), all OEM firmwares and Herries versions before 1.07v2b4.


Apparently one of the NEC firmwares did have the Ritek G05 media code listed as 8x, but it was switched back to 4x due to the poor quality of some of the Ritek G05 media.

Since there are two official 1.06 firmwares, not sure which one has that support in.

Of course, Herrie’s beta firmware also has support for Ritek G05 media at 8x.

Whether you will get a good write, however, will depend greatly on whether your G05 media is good … or not so good.

Every drive has a write strategy assigned to media codes. This allows a drive to be tuned for various medias, to work best with a wide variety of discs. It is up to the drive manufacturers to come up with a good write strategy for the various medias.

Ritek G05 media appears to have been one of the more difficult medias because many different drives have kept the speed limited to 4x, including Pioneer’s DVR-107, though I think one of the later firmwares finally added 8x support. Though I could be wrong. I remember reading complaints about people still unable to burn G05 media at 8x on their Pioneer drives.

The problem is while Ritek says its rated for 8x, Ritek has had a number of quality control issues lately with people reporting all kinds of bad discs. I would avoid Ritek media. There are inexpensive 8x media from other companies, like Prodisc, that appear to be of better quality.

If you absolutely want to stick with the Ritek G05 discs, just install Herrie’s beta firmware and you can write them at 8x.

When it comes to Ritek media lately, who knows what you’re going to get. Their G05 media was not their finest hour and they have now moved on to G06.

I’ve actually burned 2.4x rated RICOHJPNR00 media (manufactured by Ritek for OEMs like Fuji) at 8x and gotten better Disc Quality readings than the 4x rated RICOHJPNR01 media (also manufactured by Ritek for OEMs like Fuji) burned at either 6x or 8x. The actual quality of the media is far mroe important than what the company says its speed is.

That’s why NEC has all Taiyo Yuden media (including their 2.4x rated DVD+R discs) capable of writing at 8x. Its good quality media.

I can’t understand that! :confused: I have no problems with both available 1.06 firmwares…
Would you please install DVDInfoPro and give us the media information? Use the forum help, if you’re not sure how to do…

Remember: Flashing to a hacked firmware makes you void your warranty! If you don’t want to lose it, go with the NEC stock firmwares. You can download all (unmodified) versions (as .bin files) and a DOS flasher from the Dangerous Brothers’ site:



In case something goes wrong while flashing the OFFICIAL firmware, your WARRANTY IS VOID TOO!

Luckily hacked firmwares offer you the possibility of reviving your drive, unlike NEC’s official firmwares!

Oh yes, I forgot to mention…
It’s possibly because I lost my warranty the day I bought the drive… :bigsmile:

Hi all.I have a problem.Sorry for my english.I tried Taiyo Yuden +r and i couldn’t get higher speed than 4x.The only discs that was burnt at 8x(and not all the time)were Philips DVD+r 8x.I thought that Taiyo Yuden can burnt at 8x!I think maybe it is my Hdd i have a WD 60 7200 8Mb Cache.I used copytodvd.What can i do?
Thank you in advance


Please give us the media information from DVDInfoPro!


I want that hacked fw for your 166s, I have one up too 14X but where the hell do I find that oneup to 16X…


code65536 provides us with that 16x-firmware (thanks! :bow: ).
Get it at the Codeguys’ site:



Thanx man,
I tried it, but my curves are not that smooth as with the 14X f/w.


Yes, of course! You have to feed it with VERY good burned media, otherwise it breaks down, at least in the second half. That’s why I was so surprised about the reading curve above…