ritekG05 and PX712

Hi guys,
long time no see, well everything ran well in my plexworld until i decided to go for some RITEKG05 ridisc DVD-R

Those are supossed to be 8x burning, however, i did try to burn them at this speed, and it failed (i always get more than 500 pi/po), then, i tried burning it at 6x, and it was working, always trying to break the boundaries of imagination, i tried 4X which so far was my best one ( a flat 40 pi/po)

Did someone got the same problem with these disc ? I mean how come can’t i burn in 8X whereas they are supposed to be 8X.

My firmware is the 1.07, so the last one. Did plextor make it bad ?

Thanks for any help or piece of information.


Welcome back. :slight_smile:

RITEKG05 is well known as a crappy disk. Have you tried other media?

RitekG05 on my 716a sometimes check good at 8x and others at 6x.

If you mean 500+ PIE values, then that’s a failure. If you mean 500+ PIF, that’s not awful, although it’s much higher than what you normally get with TY.

Zevia is right. I have issues with the quality variance between spindles of RitekG05. Try other media like Verbatim 8x DVD+R (mcc003) or Fuji (Made in Japan) DVD+R 8x 50 pk (yuden000t02-00) and see what your results are. :wink:

500 PIF are impossible to reach with Plextools … 176 is the maximum value for 1 ECC

BTW … I consider everything above 4 PIF in 1 ECC as a coaster …

isn’t max PIF possible at 1 ECC 208 ? =)

well, thanks for the info,

i use the ritekG05 for the all around saving DVD. However, for more important data, i used the MCC04 (which is the best result i can have), and someTY. I will try also some MCC04 soon .

However that is strange to have such a disparity about recording depending on the speed

The value i was mentionning were the blue bargraph on the plextool PI/PO test.

Thanks for the information.