RitekG04 DVD-R 4X with 800@822 B3IC = Crap

Look at the surface scan…I have TY DVD-R 4x that burn fine on the same burner.

Gonna go burn another disc later, hopefully that was only a bad disc and not the combination of burner, disc, and nero

Please use latest Nero6 and and latest CDSpeed3 for scanning.
That gives much more details than your scan.
Please also input more data about the media used.
What label is it where did u buy it? What did it cost?

riteks are widely known for varying quality…

actually sorry, i was using nero

i’ll try to get and burn with that and scan using cdspeed3 instead of the default one that comes with

the media is:

Ridata DVD-R 4x
50 pack Spindle with 2 plastic coaster things about 1cm thing holding the top and bottom in place, not your traditional plastic spindle holder
Media code says RITEKG04
bought it at www.canadacomputers.com for 39.99 cdn with tax is 45.99 cdn
burned 6xvids total size is 4.24gb

i will try to burn a full dvd to the brim when i get home

Sorry. I didn’t want to sound rude:
I don’t think is the reason for the bad burn. But its always a good idea to use the latest versions (especially if problems appear with older ones).

About NeroCDSpeed3. I think the version delivered with Nero6.3.1.17 is 3.12.
This too shouldn’t be the problem. I meant that it would be more interesting to use the DiscQuality-Scan of CDSpeed3 thna using the ScanDisc-Mode that U used in your first post.
But be warned: DiscQualityScan takes about 30min. .

If you tried to burn your first disc @8x then in your schoes I would try the next @4x. That only takes ~6 min. longer. I have some Ritek+R here and burning them @4x is nice quality while burning them @8x is still readable but not good quality. (See picture below for the 8xBurn. Don’t care about the error: That seems to be a problem with CDSpeed or a driver problem or something like that.)

I don’t use DVD-R on my Benq822. But a friend of mine has those Ritek G04. Unfortunately I will not see him before end of august to ask him for a sample. But then I will post the results of a testburn on my 822 here in the forum.

About your media. to me it sounds like it should be good quality and a good shop.
But thats only a feeling. Maybe the discs are crap.
You could try them on a burner of a friend. And if they fail there as well you should return them.

Can you see spots on the dye of the discs or other signs of poor quality??

My results burning RitekG04 on my 800a with B3IC were also bad. However, Samsung 4x -R (made by BeAll) burned quite cleanly.

There has been a lot of discussion lately on the inconsistent quality of RitekG04 and the belief that Ritek is allegedly dumping substandard media on the open market.

Unfortunately I haven’t had the opportunity to test any other -R media. With newegg.com selling 50 packs of Taiyo Yuden 4x +R media (sold under the Samsung brand) for only $37.99, I haven’t had the need for any other media. Nothing burns better using either the 800a or 822a firmwares!

in this thread you’ll maybe find an answer
RitekG04 burned @4 800a B3IC

why do you post dvd+r burning results in this thread I think it is about RitekG04 which are minus? can you post the results of the samsung?

I posted the TY dvd+r results because earlier in the thread we were also comparing Ritek dvd+r results and I also tend to believe that the quality of Ritek media can vary greatly. Unlike KillMe’s experience, my RitekR02 burn OK at 4x or 8x but the quality does vary quite a bit between disks in the same spindle so if I do buy Riteks in the future, it will only be the ones with the RicohJPN code, as those seem to burn much better.

Sorry annas, I did not save the Samsung (BeAll) scan or the media, but I do remember it was not that bad - though ironically not quite as good as your own RitekG04 ! My RitekG04 scan was horrible; similar to KillMe’s R02 results.

This limited experience with -R medial has soured me from experimenting anymore. Like I said earlier, with TY +R media so cheap, why bother. I doubt that you’ll be able to burn any -R media on the 800a/822a even as cleanly as RicohJPN or Singapore made Verbatim (Mitsubishi) +R media which is OK, because I don’t believe any of us actually bought this drive primarily for it’s -R capabilities.

no, they all are deep purple on the bottom, no dust, no markings, no spots

on the top is the frosty coating

i used cd-dvd speed 3.10 and it says my drive isnt supported when i do a quality disc test…it will spin up and then say my drive isnt supported

ok actually i see some kind spots now

i blew hot air from my mouth onto a new blank ridata dvd-r and i can see like 6 little hole marks around the dvd…but as the moisture evaporates, u dont see anything and the disc is really clean, so i blew hot air on the dvd again and then wiped off the 6 hole marks with lint free tissue…no scratches but some smudge marks now instead yet when the moisture goes away u dont see any smudges at all and the dvd looks really clean with the deep purple die

gonna burn another disc and see what happens now

i will repeat ritek disks vary alot in quality. (ie not the burner)

ok i burned 3 more disc. the 2nd disc was crap…same spots it errored on…same 3 xvids not readable…the 3rd disc was perfect…the 4th disc had 1 bad block while doing a disc scan…better than the 1st and 2nd disc i posted but still this is crap

so thats 3 disc out of 4 that turned out to be crap

i tried stomp recordnow 4.50 for the last 2 disc…

maybe i got a bad spindle

im not even burning full…it craps out very early in the disc so i cant even like burn just 2-3 gigs and call it a ok disc.