RITEKF1 - Complete failure to burn?

After having finally run low on my pack of 100 8x Imations (PRODISC R03), I went to Best Buy and picked up a pack of 50 Fuji 16x DVD-Rs, made in Taiwan. They are apparently RITEKF1. Digitalfaq.com indicates that both my old Imations and these new Fujis are “class 2”.

Yet I tried three of the Fujis in a row when burning off an iso, and my trusty Recordnow Max 4.50 choked on all three before it even began burning, complaining of sector errors or somesuch. When I popped in one of my few remaining Imations, the burn went without a hitch as usual. Both discs are DVD-R.

RITEKF1, Recordnow Max 4.50, NEC ND-2500A with firmware 1.06.

Anyone care to guess why these supposedly halfway decent Fuji discs aren’t being liked? Does the software not like them? Hardware? The only difference I can point a finger to is that of the highest burn speed, but I was burning at 2x with every attempt, including the successful one on the Imation.

Thanks in advance.

Before I let this post stew, I thought I might also ask for suggestions as to what to pick up at either Best Buy or Comp USA. Looking for the best value possible without encountering coaster issues like I seem to be with these Fujis. (No time is left for waiting for mail order, I’m afraid.)

Update your drive’s firmware - http://liggydee.cdfreaks.com/download/en/2510a/219bt_fast.zip

I wouldn’t put much faith in the site you mention for judging media quality, there are too many inaccuracies and there are too many variables in media to go by such a list. For example, Ritek F1 is fair media, while their 8x -R media, Ritek G05, is notoriously unstable media and some of the worst media that you can buy.

Regarding burn speeds, under most combinations of burners/firmware/media, you’ll get best results at or near the media’s rated burn speed. For example, 8x media tends to burn best at 4x to 8x, 16x usually at 8x to 12x. Burning higher speed 8x & 16x media at slow speeds such as 2x will usually yield quite poor results actually, so this should not be done in most cases (there are some exceptions but this is usually the case). Once you’ve updated the drive’s firmware, 6x and 8x will probably give you the best results.

For good, generally very reliable media, Verbatim is about as safe a choice as any - it’s easily found, often on sale, burn quality is usually very good, and it’s stable media.

Thanks for the great reply. It’s just about the best and most informed response I could have hoped for.

Quick question, though. The link points to firmware meant for the ND-2510A. I follow that there are reasons to anticipate it working with my ND-2500A nonetheless, but I’d like to make certain before I do something potentially irreversible.

Thanks again.

Physically the 2500 & 2510 are identical. The only difference has been the firmware.

Upgrading firmware always involves a risk however small. This upgrade is no more risky than normal.