Ritek03 and kprobe questions

here is a scan of the 03s using my 1633s at 8x burn 4x scan… is this good? i ordered some dvds thinking i was going to get more richojpn01 but they came in as ritek03s? is this media good? i have F/W OG with tweeks loaded from that release with autobit seting enabled.

EDIT: thx for the kprobe info… do you think this scan is at the limit of good? or is it so so… i know the R01s are better… just wondering if i should stay away from thses in the future… for 26 bux per 100 great price

thanks for any info

i had the same problem as you, got a batch of r03’s instead of ridohjpn r01’s.

they burn ok with the ty02 strat (recommedned tweaks) but nowehere near as nice as the ricohjpns

your scan is different because you screenshotted the window instead of hitting the save png button

here is a scan of a richojpn01… looks alot better… but to me its not really clear how much you can have before you need to find different media. BTW this is a movie burnt at 8x… seems that the R01s burn faster… this disk took just under 7 min… the R03 took a bit over 8. both at bx… oh well… still fast enough on 4x media

Heywould, both of your scans are excellent. I would not be concerned with the differences between the two.

great thanks… then i will order more of these :slight_smile: