Ritek WARNING (another one) - G04

I know chas0039 posted about the Riket G05’s, and he got me re-checking. The R03’s were bad, but it was hit and miss with only about 10 percent needing to be re-burned. The Ritek G04 were in a completely different ballpark. These were a complete disaster. Most of these burns were from a year to 18 months ago, and they played well at the time. They were not “scanned” at the time, but rather run though my stand alone at 20 to 60 speed. Now one year later they are coasters in the same stand alone and show terrible scans (when I can actually complete a scan.) All my other disc brands seem to be holding up well - even the two year old Legacy crap. The Ritek G04’s (4x -R) were all purchased from Newegg spring 2004. The Ritek 4x +R RicohJPN01 are fine. My storage conditions are perfect.

Here’s one on my better scans: :sad:

I never had much success with G04’s from the start, even when everybody was saying they were one of the best. Now the ricohjpn dvd+r’s have been good to me but since I can’t find them in hub printable I only use verbatum and TY now.

Please would you mention the brand of these G04s?

It’s been known that Ritek G04 discs of very different grades have flooded the market last year. If you went unbranded, Arita branded or Rimedia branded for example, it’s very likely that you’ve bought B and C grade G04s. :frowning:

My own G04s do fine as I mentioned in the other thead about G05.

This is something that many users simply didn’t get about Ritek discs because Ritek had such a good name last year: this manufacturer has started producing tons of discs of all grades, probably with sloppy quality control, to meet the demand. Shops started selling unbranded Ritek-manufactured discs (or under brands like Arita, Rimedia…) just like if it was the “real stuff”.

That’s why there are good, bad and marginal Ritek-manufactured discs, and depending on the stuff one buys, he/she will be convinced either that Ritek is good, or bad, or marginal.

Here is an extract of a post of mine in another forum:

"Ritek is totally ruining its reputation with all these quality control problems with G05 production, ending in so many different grades available. Same happened last year with G04 discs.

Furthermore, it induces senseless and endless arguing between DVD enthousiasts, because some RitekG05 (or G04) users have used the good stuff and are convinced that those who used the bad stuff are delusional (user error, burner incompatibility, whatever) and same thing the other way round, those who used the bad stuff are convinced that those who used the good stuff only try to defend the media they use or are mindless newbies."

This is something that doesn’t happen (at least nowhere near this extent) with other manufacturers, in general either their OEM discs are bad or good or mediocre but there is no such variation in discs (I mean discs with the very same mediacode) as it’s the case with Ritek-manufactured discs.

Ritek-branded, Traxdata-branded, Ridata-branded discs are another story. It seems the quality of these has started to decline only very recently.

My RITEKG04s (both A02 and L19) are doing fine. Which burner did you use to burn the defective disc? What brand of RITEKG04? What burn speed? What firmware revision?


All the G04’s I used were branded ritek ridatas. The branded ritek ridatas in the + format whether they were ricohjpn or ridata R03’s never caused me any problems or very few at least.


Now this is funny/strange-

I bought a NEC 3500 off of Newegg and they sent five Newegg branded discs that turned out to be G04’s-

I left them on the shelf for a while - and about three weeks ago decided to test some out - well they turned out horrible so I binned the rest (I had gotten 10 total with my two 3500’s)-

At the time I just figured that they were Newegg logoed “B” or “C” quality discs - then this thread posting comes out-


Decided to check some old data back ups - Zero Defex - June 2003. I have older disks but not Ritek. The one attached is typical. I tested 3 disks and each had unreadable data. Fortunately the unreadable data was different on each disk - so data could be restored. Would be no good for a movie of course. Also shows just how bad a disk can get and still be at least partially readable.

In DVD terms 2 years ago was still in the dark ages - hopefully disks made to day will last longer

ElliotW, good luck. I hope your stuff is recoverable.

Thank you, I ordered 200 TY’s today from Rima today to reburn what I can. The first 25 discs I looked at were ALL terrible. I’m going to reburn all the G04 I can find. I looked over my order history from the Egg and found I bought 200 of these. At this point I would estimate I’ll be able to save maybe 60 to 75 percent. There was nothing of MINE, I can’t replace, but I’m worried about what I might have done to/for other people.

These discs were bought from Newegg in the US the spring of 2004. They were Riktek Ridata branded 4x -R (G04). They were all burnt on a Lite-on 451 at 4x and were good last year. They were used for movie back-ups and software distributation and showed no problems of any kind, now they are crap!! I’ve tried at least 15 other bands and disc types and the only one I’m starting to have a slight problem is with the Ridata (Ritek 8x +R R03).

Really very annoying, but I ordered 200 valium (generic unbranded +20mg. speed) to go along with the blanks discs. If I buy anything other than TY’s from now on - hit me on the head with a hammer. :doh:

“If I buy anything other than TY’s from now on - hit me on the head with a hammer.”

Actually according to the last C’t study/roundup, TY is not the king of DVDR longevity. The Verbatims discs have a better resistance to heat and humidity (this was also pointed by a french study/roundup two years ago), also some recent CMC discs and recent Moser Baer discs seem to show a better expected lifespan…

I know it’s like heresy to post this on this forum, but personally I don’t think that TY DVDRs are the best all-around discs on the market. Their CDs have been, and still are in my opinion (though the genuine Maxells are of the same quality, just more difficult to find - and, as I understand, more expensive in the USA). But when it comes to DVD, sure they’re very good discs with a very low level of PI/PIF errors, but when you take other factors in consideration (power tolerance, resistance to bad conditions, price…) I think the Verbs and the recent MMore DVDs beats them.

I’m sure this post will raise outraged comment as TY is revered like a god here at CDFreaks, but please first consider that I’m not saying that TY discs are bad (I’m not stupid :eek: ), I think they’re great, I still advise people to go for them, just that they’re not IMO the "best available disc"s as the majority of users here claim they are.


Your input is always welcome, I don’t think anyone really knows for sure how long DVDs will last in actual use. I have only good thing to say about Verbs. As for Moser Baer - well mine are showing slight signs of aging after only a few months.

In my personal case, heat and humidity play no part as all my DVDs are stored in a cool, dark air-conditioned closet.

Yeah, your right, I’m only picking TY’s because they scan the best.

are the moser baer made for verbatim as i have a number of them

No these were Office Max rebranded 8x +R’s (MBIPG101 R04).

I was referring to Mmore-branded MBI, sorry :bigsmile: - don’t know about other MBI discs.


You’re not alone in thinking that. :wink: There are threads about TY’s variability, and I’ve even received defective TYs in the past.

And to re-iterate and expand on the good point you made earlier in this thread…

I suppose that this should be issued as a warning in general that people should always check the quality of their discs after the first few weeks/months (if it survives a few months without much in the way of degradation, chances are, it will last for much longer).

As noted in this thread and in the G05 thread, not all RiTEK media suffer from this problem! Some do, and some don’t. (for the record, mine don’t) And I should also add, it’s hard to say for sure if this is even a widespread problem; usually it’s the people who have problems who post in tech forums like this (this behavior is even true for many regular members and moderators), so without a large random sample, it’s hard to tell if this problem is widespread or if it just affected a handful of unlucky people. Please keep in mind, just because your discs have this problem doesn’t mean that everyone else’s will, and just because your discs are fine, doesn’t mean that the person who said that his/her discs crapped out is without merit.

I should also add that NO media manufacturer is perfect, so one should not single out RiTEK for verification–test them all! Even TY and Verbatim make defective discs. They just do a good job of screening them out so that they don’t reach market, but even that screening process is imperfect. There have been reports on this forum, for example, of expensive Verbatim discs that were not properly bonded (thus increasing the risk of allowing oxygen to enter the disc in the future, which could very well be a cause of degradation). While certain manufacturers like RiTEK have a higher percentage of discs have problems and thus they are singled out more often on the forums, it doesn’t mean that the other manufacturers never have problems.

And finally, to conclude, even Princo can make good, long-lasting discs–it just seems that an unacceptably large portion of them are not so great. :wink:

Code65536, thanks for the compliments :slight_smile:

Good re-iteration and expansion, but there’s a sidepoint that I’d like to raise.

Not everyone who visit these forums can, or simply have the time to scan their discs.
I think these users rely on us, obsessive and enthousiast DVD freaks, to report quality of media, degradation of media, fake media, whatever…

True that all manufacturers have problems. But many people only want to play safe, and I respect that even if I’m not one of them (without being over-adventurous myself :wink: ). Not everyone has the time to get into the details of this whole DVDR thing, digging, scanning, comparing, buying lots of different stuff to try… So actually I feel kind of responsible for giving a good name only to these brands and manufacturers who show the LEAST variation or problems in actual use… :slight_smile:

That’s why even if I like to point that all Riteks are not crap like some members claim, I can’t give Ritek a good name. For most DVD users out there, there are much better choices now that all prices dropped…

“even Princo can make good, long-lasting discs–it just seems that an unacceptably large portion of them are not so great.”
Exactly my point, actually, if one follows the humour in the right direction :wink: (mmmh… not sure this sentence makes sense - sorry for my frenchman’s english :o )

To update and make my point better. I have tested over 100 Ridata Branded Rikek G04 in the last 2 days - they have ALL gone bad. I did find one Pastel Gold colored Lite-On Ritek G04 (came with the Lite-on burner) - This burn done 15 months ago was very good and still is very good.

Holding these Ridata up to a strong light will show discolorations in the dye. No other brand I’ve burned in the past two years shows this and I must have burned about 2,000 DVDs.

“Holding these Ridata up to a strong light will show discolorations in the dye”

This is typical of media that has ben badly stored (too much heat) for several weeks or more. Before you get mad, let me precise that I’m not saying YOU stored these discs in bad conditions :disagree: - it’s a known problem about stocks waiting to be distributed… or trucks under the sun… or a shop leaving medias close to a window in summer… etc… :a

For people buying their discs in stores, this is something to consider, are the guys from the store really aware of the conditions for stocking medias? Do they stock them in a cool area? That’s why I only buy from (online) shops that seem to care about media storing.

Well, buying from online shops doesn’t necessarily shield you from what you said just before that:

… but, I understand your point about media stocked in retail stores. When I go to Staples < 9am, I notice the sunlight shines directly into the aisle shelving, where they sometimes display their sale media. Lol. :slight_smile: not funny for the chap who plans to buy them. I always grab the stuff from way in the back of the shelf … the one’s shielded by the ones on the edge.

Btw, buying online shops … even if they care for it properly … someone still has to get it to your doorstep. And, they may not necessarily handle it with kid gloves. Hard to make a blanket statement like that, imo.

When I go to Staples < 9am, I notice the sunlight shines directly into the aisle shelving, where they sometimes display their sale media.

Funny you should mention that, I’ve been testing my media (with an Eastern, early moring exposure for a few months now). I have not found any problems with Verbs or TY’s. I leave them on the window for a month and compare scans. LOL - I can’t really do long term testing because I never have the same burner for a long term. :bigsmile:

You never know anything about how the discs were stored before you buy them. Even the best distributor may have gotten a load that was stored in the top container on a real slow boat from China.