Ritek vs princo

After hearing that Ritek is THE most consistent and compatible disc I went off and bought a pack of Clonedisc ( ritek dye), guess what, the first 2 gave burn and read errors and every succesful burn after that refused to play in my standalone alba dvd103 player. So, I tried a Princo disc ( which I have heard a lot of bad reports ) which burned with no problems and my dvd player recognises in a few seconds. So, I should go and buy Princo you say, but what about the fact that they are not consistent and their longevity is supposed to be dismal…What I am really surprised about is the dodgey Ritek…any feedback? and can somebody tell me that princo is actually o.k.

Ritek is not a very good brand of media and I myself do not use any cdr’s made by them. I stick with Fuji’s made by Taiyo Yuden.

Ritek makes different dye formulations, a couple of which are tested in the media test threads. The Ritek TG seems to work pretty well at high speeds.

Maxell 40x (phthalocyanine) and Hi-Val 16x (cyanine) Ritek give me some problems, a few thousand C2 errors on every disc. I guess the results from the Hi-Vals might be normal, since I think Ritek used to be a crap disc maker and they must have improved since they made cyanine discs. But AT&T 40x phthalo Ritek discs work great. I think the Maxell and AT&T have the same ATIP, (not sure.) But the problems with the Maxells must be only up to a certain point, as I remember burning one about up to 50 minutes and it had great results, with a low C1 error count. I wonder what my problems are? I am getting 2 100-packs of Maxell 650MB discs soon (found them very cheap), hopefully will have as good results as the AT&Ts and some other Riteks (such as some Maxells in media test threads.)


Why do you say RiTEK is bad media???

In my personal tests, RiTEK G and JS types both give me C1 Max of under 10 and C1 Average of around 0.250, with no C2’s when recorded at 32x-speed. That’s as good as any Taiyo Yuden!

Still same problems with a Maxell 650MB 100-pack I bought. They have different ATIPs from the AT&T and Maxell (one came up as Ritek,G and the other Ritek,TG in Smartburn) but I have the same problems. Both have numbering right about the center of the hub. The Maxells (that have problems) have very light numbering that is hard to see. But the AT&Ts have darker numbering in the same place. The Maxell discs must have come from some Ritek factory that makes some crappy discs.

Which stamper did the defective RiTEKs originate from?

I’ve had most luck with “L” and “E”.

You can tell by the first letter on the serial number.

Maxell 74min:
On the inside of the shiny area: RFD74M-50099 74
On the inside of the hub: J417JS209131153D00

Maxell 80min:
On the inside of the shiny area: RJD80M-52105 80
On the inside of the hub: J608JS208252537B12

AT&T 80min:
On the inside of the shiny area: RAS80M-51556 80
On the inside of the hub: L408JS207091939LB01 80

So the “J” stamper must not be very good. The AT&Ts I’ve had very good luck with too.

The “J” production line probably makes average quality CD’s.

As I said, the best RiTEK’s I’ve used originate from production lines “E” and “L”.

Notice also the fifth and sometimes sixth character on the inner hub serial number denotes the DYE TYPE. In your case, it’s “JS”.

I opened another 100-pack of the Maxell 40x 650s:
Inside of shiny area: RFD74M-50132 74
Inside of hub: H504JS209085128C17

The inside of the hub was printed darker, similar to the AT&T discs. Another spindle ordered with the other 2 spindles apparently had the dark printed letters on the hub and was made from the “H” stamper too. I didn’t have the same C2 problems that I did with the “J” stamper Riteks, but they were not as good as the AT&T discs.

I burn one of the “J” Maxell 650MB CDs at 32x and they seem to burn error-free, unlike the 700MB ones that will give me errors at any speed, even down at 4x! I have only burned 2 discs at 32x so I will burn more eventually and see how my results are.

BTW, all of the discs are 40x “approved.”

I found this funny: :smiley:

i have no hight tech info about both brands…but in the vcd/svcd world princo has a very good name for beeing able to be read in most stand-alone dvd players

…even when the player doesn’t accept " cd-r"

are you princo " purple-ish" collored??

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