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I`m new here so be gentle, anyone know if there is any difference between Datasafe GO4 and Ritek GO4, the Datasafe are cheaper but are they as good?

I have an Nec 2500 with firmware 1.06 should I update to the new official 1.07?

One more thing, how meaningful are the results provided by nero cd speed, it seems to show errors on a few of my dvds with one or two red squares, however if i test the same dvd in another drive it will be ok whats that all about?

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datasafe GO4 where good about 1 month ago then seriously whent down hill like most of the riteks are these days quality varies from batch to batch to much with ritek and datasafe GO4 media.

i once used them but not anymore as there to variable.

i use datasafe DVD+R riochJPNR01 media now and they are awsome…

here is a burn i just did with herries new firmware beta5 v2 dl
also bitset to DVD-ROM. and read with my liteon 166-s DVDROM reader.

Great burn! where do you buy your media? I use Ebuyer they dont sell Datasafe dvd +

Should I upgrade to 1.07 firmware?

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{DV 3087} Datasafe Ritek 4x DVD+R in Spindle Tubs of 25

Its a Ritek disc, so it’s quality and good compatibility can be taken for granted.
As a bonus, these discs look good too!
This DVD+R disc is for use in drives that take the “DVD+R/RW” format of discs.
Please ensure that this is the correct disc for your hardware before purchasing.
This disc writes at 4x
This disc comes to us in spindle tubs of 25.
Shipping cost will be calculated and displayed by the website before you finalise your order.
SVP Price: £15.49 Including VAT at 17.5%


DVD+R Section.

i dont buy from anywhere else as these guys that own this shop rule for UK DVD Media supplyment :slight_smile:

they also have 8x DVD+R verbitams for 80p per dvdr in jewlcases
thats pritty cheap though i only go for what media i know my nec drive can burn with 100% sucsess rate.

btw you should update your firmware to :
herries Dual Layer support beta 5 firmware for max compatibility and burns that look awsome with the right media no cheap stuff ect otherwize if you get bad burns you know why becuse you would rather pay cheap than get the real deal.

ok here is the firmware.

Get it here:
Windows: http://herrie.rpc1.org/downloads/2k5107v2b5dl.rar
DOS: http://herrie.rpc1.org/downloads/2k5107v2b5dld.rar

remember to backup your original firmware that came with the drive so if in future you get a problem with the drive and require RMA`ing it just flash back ect :slight_smile:

hope this info helps.

“Datasafe” brand is usually better/more consistent quality than the unbranded discs.
107v2b4 is the most stable hacked firmware at the moment.
Get it in here: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=95819

Datasafe ritek G04 are the best there are
It’s the only media I have never had a bad batch of.
I use Herriestock firmware and always burn em at 8x.

Thanks to one and all for the info,

Still one thing I am not sure about, updating my firmware, which is currently 1.06, I think i would feal more comfortable updating with official 1.07 firmware, anyone know the benefits of doing this, also would it be possible to update to herries at a later date after having put on official 1.07?

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Official 1.07 simply adds additional media support.
Yes, You can upgrade (or downgrade) at any time.

Thanks for that,

If i am burning GO4 discs now at x4 am i right in thinking upgrading to 1.07 wont make any difference?

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It will add media to supported list, but will not improve burn or speed.

I highly recommend Herrie’s 1.07Hv2b4. It adds all the media in official 1.07, plus better write stratagy for your G04’s, Speed up of MANY media, and has bitsetting. he has provided it in a Windows flasher and DOS. Use whichever you are most comfortable with.

What more could you ask for? (OK- Duel layer burning, but there is no media yet, so don’t rush into that)

Thanks for the advice, i have installed herries firmware as you recommended, going to burn some dvds now.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Hi all
Just to let you all know I have updated my firmware to herries latest, (non dl)
And it is superb, for the first time i can burn at x4 and x8 on Ridisc GO4 and Datasafe yellow top GO4 dye, I think i will stick with the Datasafe as they are a couple of quid cheaper than the Ridisc and they appear to be identical

Thanks all :slight_smile:

So, what is this differnce between Ritek G04 and Datasafe Ritek G04? I have used Ritek G04 white-tops from SVP the past year with no problems - they now seem to have stopped them (always +r for me). Do Datasafe take all the good proven media from Ritek and leave all the crap for general Ritek branded/unbranded distribution)?

I lreally really wish SVP would get verbatim in cakeboxes of 25. These work the best for me with this drive and herrie’s 1.07Hv2b4.

So far ebuyer are the best place for these…