Ritek to start volume production of DVD+R DL discs this month

I just posted the article Ritek to start volume production of DVD+R DL discs this month.

GristyMcFisty used our news submit to tell us
about this article he saw over at DigiTimes. It looks like as promised, we will
begin to see some dual layer media this month.Ritek

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/8499-Ritek-to-start-volume-production-of-DVDR-DL-discs-this-month.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/8499-Ritek-to-start-volume-production-of-DVDR-DL-discs-this-month.html)

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I posted a comment on another site about the prices Ritek reckon they’re gonna charge. Unfortunately they don’t seem to realise that the bulk of the buying public won’t touch these discs since at these prices you might as well buy two copies of every movie or bit of software you want to make a backup of, because it’ll be cheaper, less time consuming, and the backup being an original, will be more reliable and compatible. The media companies need to wake up and smell what they’re shovelling with these stupid dual layer media prices…do they really think folks will pay £58.75 for five Verbatim discs as sold by Komplett.co.uk? :r Try a maximum of £2 a disc and it’s just about viable. Until such your’re selling at this sort of price level…just leave the discs sitting at the end of the production line! Don’t even bother to ship…

I agree. They need to come down to at most 4-5 bucks a disc to get the public interest.
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Yeah that is a ridiculous price but it’s only because there’s a handful of them available and there is a small percentage of people who will pay that price to get a first batch just because its a new technology and they have loads of cash. Watch, as soon as Verbatim don’t have a monopoly on DL the prices will drop so quick people who payed the initial prices are going to feel so ripped off.

Tch. I can get single layer discs for 75 cents a disc (CAD). So that mean I can get the equivelant of storage for 1.50. No one buy this junk, let’s wait for Blu-Ray and see how that is :r

Wasn’t that long ago that 1x single layer DVD-R discs were cheap at US $ 7 to $ 10 each. Give 'em time, the price will come down. I’m more worried about compatibility with standalones at this point
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I think you’ll find compatibility will be on the whole fine, however that’s dependent on using Bit Setting to mark the DL disk as DVD-ROM…figures quoted on one website, might have been CDRInfo.com were 30% failure to play without Bit Setting and 70% compatibility with. I’d avoid Toshiba and Pioneer hardware though, they have a tendency to cripple their machines against the superior +RRW format. Although rather ironically they’re older hardware is more compatible than the new stuff, which just goes to prove they are in some cases crippling their hardware, i.e. Pioneers 120S DVD-ROM…compared to the 3 years old+ 106 DVD-ROM.

DVD+R DL media price will come down to under US$3 very soon so don’t worry.

I don’t know why you and a few others say +R/RW is superior. It’s somewhat better for video editing but the compatibility isn’t as good. At least it’s improving now and generally isn’t an issue. The fact that you have to use a bit setting for that format isn’t an advantage is it. It may get to a 16x speed faster but overall there is very little difference. My opinion is they are equal when all factors are taken into consideration. Until you can find a glaring difference between the two then the word ‘superior’ should not be used.
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