Ritek The New Princo?



Ok, i know alot of people are touchy about this subject so please be aware of other peoples feelings guys, lets try and keep this one friendly :wink:

Should Ritek be classed as the new Princo? ive personally had to reburn every Ritek disc i own except for some 2003 G04 discs, and this seems to be a widespread issue, according to my scans my G05 media after a few months was really no better than most Princo scans ive seen.

Now what p*sses me off the most about Ritek is that these things looked great after the burn but just a few months later they were dustbin material.

most of you probably already put it in the same category (and some put it at the top) but this can kind of make it official if you see what i mean :slight_smile:

would you trust a Princo disc as much as a modern Ritek disc?


Qual Scans on some go3s dont look good, i may reburn. As for the new princo, hmm, they are bad media currently, imo, but not as bad as princo were.


I don’t know about the longevity of the R03’s, as they already have high PIE/PIF totals (but PIF and PIE easily within specs) and I haven’t had any long enough to test degradation, but I WILL say this:

The disks SMELL. VERY VERY bad.
And even just a single disk smells. Almost like a combination of ammonia and perfume. I separated one disk from the spindle and put it with a spindle of TY’s, and it still smelled days later.

Is this stuff poisonous??..

Either way, I will never buy (at least R03’s) Ritek again. Who knows if I will get cancer from the fumes…


Well, all I’ve seen is how Princo burns well initially but becomes unreadable within a year. I’d say it’s fair in my experience to put Ritek in the same class as Princo. Actually, I wouldn’t trust either nor use either, even if many were given to me free. Even if the cost were removed in that fashion, there’d still be the time necessary to rescan and reburn all those buggers. If someone somewhere manages to get the occasional good batch of Riteks that also last, I’m glad; but with my personal experience of a 75% failure rate (burned in 3 different burners, and most not even at rated 8x–the majority at 6x or 4x), that’s shameful.


i have go3s go4s and go5s and they all are still readable and think they are a class disc none of the princos i had were readable after a few months my prefered ritek is the go4 and i swear by them try traxdata and see then if they fade away i think not


may i add i never write faster than 4x i wonder if this is an issue in the poor storage


may i add i never write faster than 4x i wonder if this is an issue in the poor storage

Lower burning speed = better quality is a myth, burning below rated speed can be just as bad as burning too fast.

(discs that are so poor they can only be burned at a lower speed are an exception because they are so poor to start off with)

try traxdata and see then if they fade away i think not

All my G05 discs were Traxdata branded (Riteks premium line) and it made no difference they still degraded as quickly as Princo media

i have go3s go4s and go5s and they all are still readable

They may still be readable but for how long? have you scanned them? if they are still good then great :slight_smile:


I completely agree, even if i was given a lifetimes supply of free Ritek media i’d have to say ‘no’ and out of guilt i probably wouldnt be able to give it away to anybody :slight_smile:

Oh and btw for anybody who thinks my discs were stored on the window ledge or in the over or freezer, they were stored in proper dvd cases in an upright position, a few in cd cases, but they all showed pretty much the same level of deterioration, i live in ther UK the average room temp is in the low 20c’s.


Why am I here? :doh:

Seriously, what may this poll bring except more senseless arguing about Ritek than we already have on this board? With only options “Ritek is great” and “Ritek is crap”?


What this poll is bringing me is great satisfaction.
Mr. Brownstone used to disagree with everything I ever said (and I was was one of the first, if not the first, to point out ritek problems)
Now Mr. Brownstone is in total agreement with my Ritek opinions, it’s nice to be right.


Well theres been no arguments yet, so lets try and keep it that way.


? Did my post upset you? If so, I’m sorry. :o - this was nothing personal at all (I always value your input on this board, Mr. Brownstone :smiley: ), just that I’ve been active in so many hot Ritek threads recently… it’s starting to give me headaches :sad:


That is my opinions too, yes to both.

I have both crap riteks here - and they are just as bad as Princo.

And I have good riteks, and they are just as good as similar media from CMC and Prodisc.

As for lifetime, none of my good riteks have failed yet - but two years is still not long time.


Why anyone should be touchy about Ritek’s quality is beyond me. They didn’t make it, after all. And I would class it below Princo. Princo always burns like crap but it stays that way. Ritek is now perfecting the “Two Month Quality” burn. Good for 60 days and then heads very far south. Interesting how they have NO waranty.


If the focus is DVDs, I don’t know.

If it’s CDs, then maybe. I begun to dislike Ritek, but it’s only based on one brand (TDK), and I suppose the quality may vary based on client requirements (different materials, different QA?).

After the supply of quality TDK CD-Rs stopped around here, they started bringing cheapo TDKs made by Ritek that were rather bad.

About Princo CD-R, I’m yet to find out about the long term, but the short term seems fine. In fact, better than Verbatim/Mitsubishi and Sony which I thought should be good. (The writer is Sony CRX230ED, and I find it funny that Sony media doesn’t work well with a Sony drive).



And curiously enough, Meritline has a “60-day money back guarantee” on any Riteks purchased there. :eek:


I don’t think Chas referred to this type of warranty (correct me if I’m wrong Chas :)), but more one like Verbatim of Fuji, which means that if the disc has a failure even a year or two after purchase, it’s still exchangable… what are 60 days in the life of a disc? Some won’t even have been burnt after 60 days.


No, Franck, I know he didn’t, as I just pointed out the Meritline “offer” as a curiosity.


New princo’s (i didn’t buy them) have LOW TE/FE when scanned on my BenQ 1640 (compared to my old princo which were jumpy and up to the limit). They seem to burn good and last 9 months … similar to ritek :slight_smile:


In my opinion, RITEK-manufacturered discs can’t be classified as “crap” but they can’t be classified as “top-notch” either. RITEK is capable of producing “top-notch” media and they have in the past (e.g. RICOHJPNR01 for the big brand names such as Ricoh and TDK) however their standard line media (RITEKG05, RITEKR03, RITEKF1, RITEKP16) can be classed as “average” quality media. That said, any manufacturer is capable of churning out “top-notch” media, but in the end, it all comes down to cost.