Ritek spindle: Different Dye in same spindle?

Hi all - I’m pretty new to DVD burning and have been experimenting a bit with this and that… and have found the dye to make a world of difference.

Today I encountered something funny: I have a 25 disc spindle with Datawrite Yellows (V2). Some of them identify as using RitekG04, while others Identify as RitekG05. Funny thing is - the ones identified as G04 burn better.

Is it common to have different dyes in the same pack? or am I especially lucky? (Should have bought a lotteri ticket instead of the disks? :slight_smile:

For what it’s worth, I bought these discs online at digitalpromo.co.uk.

It is possible to get two different types of disks in a spindle from certain companies.

Yeah, CMC Magnetics is especially known for this - MCC and CMC ATIP/media code discs in the same package, or even discs with the same codes, but every disc has a different style of serial numbering! :confused:


i remember reading a story about them puting the wrong labels in the factory on some yellows making g05’s as 4x yellows i hope your wrong about the g04’s being better than the g05’s i bought four tubes of the yellows and they all turned out to be g05’s :eek: