Ritek / Ridata G05 8X DVD-R

I just bought a 100 pack cake box of Ridata / Ritek G05 8X DVD-R disc’s from Supermediastore.com.

My question is about these discs, has anyone else noticed that the hub portion of the disc seem to have air bubbles? i.e. the top layer does not appear to be attached fully to the bottom layer near the center hub portion of the disc.

Also, why can’t DVD Identifier (latest version) confirm these as 8X?

I might be being a bit anal here, but I thought these were supposed to be Top Quality discs…

Yes they can burn at 8x, whether you get a decent burn is gonna be drive dependant. I got very bad burns and even coasters with theses disc. Its a shame these don’t have the same reputation as ritek g04 (4x rated).

I have burned one at 8X and it seems to work well in all of my players.

I think the “hub bubble” is what bothers me the most, it looks like it could separate over time.