Ritek Ridata DVD+RW 4X Blue Arrow Logo Top Surface



I had good success with my drive (Sony DRU-710A) and the Ridata 4x DVD+RW (media code:RICOHJPNW11), they have a silver frosted top:

Does anyone know if these disks which have a blue top are the same? I have my doubts given the price difference, but I figured it was worth the question.



If I had to guess, I’d say they are probably a different media code, probably Ritek004 (4x +RW). Then again, maybe they’re the same media code. The price difference isn’t that great though, I would probably just go with the older discs to be sure.


Thanks for the reply.

I heard from Rima.com regarding their Ritek RiData DVD+RW

“Thank you for your inquiry. The current media code of item #1639 is Ritek004. The color of the recording side is Grey.
Rima Staff”

The picture shows the top side, which appears grey as well. Grey or blue, it looks like it may be hard to find RICOHJPNW11 Ridatas. But from what I’ve been reading here, it looks like I might not want them anyway as the quality appears to have deteriorated. :sad:

My new drive is a LiteOn 160P6S, I’ll keep looking for a new +RW solution. At least the +R and -R recommendations appear pretty straightforward: YUDEN000T02 and TYG02 :slight_smile: