Ritek RiData DVD-R 4.7G 4X 50 Pack, need opinion

are these dvd-r’s any good? im thinking about buying them but i dont know if my 812 will burn them properly…i’ve had problems with Pine dvd-r’s and i dont want to waste money on blanks that dont even work properly…can anyone let me know which dvd±r’s i should and shouldnt use?

Should work fine.

i have goon throu 2 5 packs and they burn fine

thanks for the info and the quick replies

they are excellent for me.
those RitekG04 burnt on my 451s GSB7 are great.
PI value varies, but usually average below 8
and PO average is always below 0.1

highly recommended

RiData is “Grade A” Ritek media. Should work splendid.