Ritek / RiData DVD 8x +RW Compatibility and Quality?

Hi there,

I hope I have not overlooked anything before posting this as I did try and search for the answer first…

I just ordered a Plextor DVD burner 740-UF and also bought some Ritek / RiData blank DVDs +RW 8x. I had the following questions.

  1. Does anyone know whether these are compatible with my Plextor burner? I checked their website and the 4x is compatible, but no mention of the 8x

  2. Is Ritek / RiData of sufficient quality to back up data?

  3. I have been searching all over for 8x +RW blank media and can’t seem to find many options searching online or at stores (I live in the US). I would like to purchase DVDs that will maximize the speed of my burner, but can’t seem to find many options.

  4. Would you recommend I stick with a 4x speed that is of a higher quality? (if the answers to #2 is no)

Thanks in advance!

I’d recommend Verbatim for backup purposes/RW discs. Ritek DVD media has been of questionable quality for awhile now, so I certainly wouldn’t trust their RW media.

Whatever speed you can find, generally you can’t go wrong with Verbatim RWs. :slight_smile:

Your combination of drive and media will work fine. There is no other 8x +RW media readily available in the U.S., so you don’t have a choice anyway.

I’ve burned quite a few of 8x Ridata +RW in BenQ DW1640 [the same hardware as your PX-740UF], you can see a sample here. Never had a problem, writing or reading them.

However, you should consider using 16x +R or -R media for backups. They are 3-4 times cheaper than 8x +RW media, burn another two minutes faster, and are ultimately much more reliable because the dye is more stable than the phase-change medium used in RW discs.

Thanks for the info. With respect to Verabtim, they have RWs that say ‘1x-4x’ compatible… Does that mean it will burn at 4x if my drive can handle it or will I be stuck with burning at 1x? I just don’t want to burn my data too slowly as this is a process I will probably be doing each month at least.

agent009, the reason I don’t want to use +R or -R is because I will try and back up each month (let’s see if I actually do it that often :slight_smile: ).

Thanks to both of you for your quick input.


They will burn at a ‘full’ 4x, taking 15 minutes per disc. [That’s already too slow if you ask me.]

Just to add $.02. No RW discs is suitable for “back-up” of data, except as a 2nd or 3rd level copy.

CDan, thanks for your $.02, so do you recommend instead backing up to +R or -R?



I had no problems with Ricoh and Philips 8x +RW and of course with Verbatim -RW 6x here, also with their 4x versions ±RW.


For long term backups or important ones, use Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim DVD’s. I’ve lost stuff on RW discs because they failed - nothing important, thankfully.


I’ve found the following: Memorex 8x DVD+RW Media

at: http://www.110220volts.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=10533468


Thanks Eric. I was told that Memorex is even worse than Ritek…

Yes, Memorex is relabeling all kinds of B-grade stuff. With Ritek you’ll at least know that it’s Ritek, I wonder what kind of stuff Memorex is selling… CMC? Infodisc?

The Memorex 8x DVD+RW that I bought have “RITEK008” in the MID.

Those only burn at 3.3X in my latest-generation Pioneer 111 burner as shown in:


If anyone knows of a US or Canadian source for the RICOH JPNW21 DVD+RWs mentioned on that page, I would be grateful.

Nothing changed with Pioneer and RITEK 008 since DVR-109 and DVR-110 days, same old default 3.3x strategy. They should get off their butts and do something about it.

Better RW may be available in North America… you could try two places I link to below. I am not adventurous enough to order from a completely unknown source, and one of them sells to only Canadian customers anyway. Some of the webpages like these are hopelessly out of date.

But if you are interested in 6x -RW Verbatim media, which is quote good, and decide to order some, let us know if you receive them.


Having used RiData +Rs (8x DVD+R) I can say that in my opinion its marginal quality media. A very high PI/PIF count, still within spec but a high total and deterioration in little time and what pisses me off is that RITEK labels it Grade A media on their website - in my opinion it is Grade C junk - I have seen better scans with CMC.

I would recommend you stay away from the Ridata - FOr some strange reason even the Maxell DVD+R 8x based on the same RITEKR03 provides much better scans than Ridata (and I am not surprised :D)

stay away from crap media and don’t rely on DVD as being 100% safe for long term archival of data.

Maxell has a line of PLUS series discs that claims to be archival quality (I haven’t used them so I can’t say for sure…)

For +RW discs I use Sony DVD+RW AccuCore disc which is claimed to be highly resistent to temperature / humidty and good for archival - so far I have not had any problems :smiley:

I recently bought at newegg.com a 25 spindle of the newer 8x DVD+RW RIDATA (it has a Ricoh mediacode: RICOHJPN W21) that I’ve so far only reused 2-3 times on a few discs. You may need to update the firmware on your drive to the latest version to ensure support fot the newer x8 +RW media. I did so on my NEC-3520A drive. I don’t know if its this media or the drive since this speed is at the cutting edge for +RW, but I found that at full 8x speed (starts at 6x then shifts to 8x speed at about the 500MB point) that I get high PIF for a section after the speed shift point like the media really needs to go a bit further at the 6x speed before shifting to the 8x speed. I can select a fixed 6x speed and that so far has produced good quality scans, as good as 4x on 4x +RW Ricoh-mediacode media like from Fuji or RIDATA that I have used in the past. So I can burn a full +RW in <10min now instead of 15min with the 4x +RW.

I recently bought 20 discs of Memorex 8x DVD+RW (free shipping of over $25 on buy.com) and after 3 discs I can tell you that only my DVD burners can read the discs. My Sony DVD-ROM will not read it. I burned the disc with my Plextor 760A because my 716A was giving errors when attempting to format and burn the disc. After burning sucessfully with my 760A I tried to erase the disc on my 716A only to find out that the discs now are un-eraseable and unreadable by any of my drives.

I guess I will be returning the remaining 10 discs to buy.com for a refund since it is not reading on my DVD-ROM drive and can’t burn with my 716A.

Hmm - I don’t see the need for 25 DVD+RW’s - the idea is that they can be rewritten.

While I’d love to get some RICOHJPN W21’s - they burn at 8x very well on the Pio 111D - I’m also leery of ending up with a spindle of the RITEK008 that are lesser quality and only burn at 3.3X.

I couldn’t exactly complain about getting RITEK008’s in a spindle of RITEK brand media, eh ?? :slight_smile:

The 25pack of RIDATA 8x DVD+RW sold now at newegg.com is actually the RICOHJPNW21 media for $19.95 - go for it!