Ritek Ridata + CD Label Print+Canon Pixma IP4300 help

Hello everyone ^^

First time posting here ~

I was wondering if anyone could give me some input on this issue im having.

I have Ritek Ridata printable media (CD-R) and im having some problems with the printable area when printing from Canon’s software. The max I can go for outer diameter is 118 MM, but i know from past experience with ritek media that printing @ 119MM fills that with border left.

when I was using Epson I was able to go over 118 MM, but then I switched to Canon since the printing quality and header’s durability is better.

is there any way I can go further than 118mm in Canon cd label print? I measured my media and fixed the printing position, but the white border is still there because its over 118MM.

Or if anyone can recommend a simple software that allows to go over 118mm, would be greatly aprecciated. ><!

Thanks a lot for your help~ ^^


You cannot go past 118 with the Canon software, you’ll need to use something else to go to 119. Popular choices are Nero, Acoustica and SureThing.

Just use Acoustica CD Label Maker and you can set the outer diameter and the inner diameter as you prefer. Also you can print cd labels and dvd labels.
Try it working perfect.

download this template for your canon cd printer software
It isn’t a software upgrade etc, simply a template in the canon format that gives you full face printing on your canon printer. Save it as any other in Easy-Print. It has tabs for fullface and the original face canon uses. Keep saving new ones as different files & keep the blank template.


it is only 8kb