Ritek ridata & Arita

Anyone know what is the difference between Ritek ridata and Arita ? Is Arita a new brand ? How about Arita media’s quanlity ?


arita are riteks B grade media sh*te i’ve tryed them :doh:
and so are their so called A grade too :stuck_out_tongue:

“Ridata” is Ritek’s premium brand, “Arita” is their discount brand used for selling B-grade discs. (At least in the U.S.) In Europe, they also control the Traxdata and TOPrint brand names, but I’m not sure how those fit in quality-wise.

Other brands like “Ridisc” and “Rimedia” sold in Europe are just people trying to leech off of Ritek’s reputation, which used to be quite good.

Then again we have the discs Ritek produces for other brands - Maxell and Memorex Made in Taiwan discs, for example, are often Ritek discs.

Ritek’s reputation, however, has plummeted greatly in the past year. I loved their G04 discs before they started having problems with those (and have used maybe 300 of them), and from what I’ve read about their G05 discs, I wouldn’t use any of them – there’s been many reports of G05 discs going from perfect burns to unreadable in 3 months.

Traxdata - Is A-grade,distributed by conrexx and is probally riteks innovative platform. At least in europe we mostly see the newest riteks disc’s firstly through this brand.

What about Ritek R03? I just bought a 100 stack of Office Depot brand that identify as Ritek r03’s.