Ritek Ridata 8x G05 Printable

Just got my NEC 3500 with stock f/w and some Ritek Ridata DVD-R 8x G05 Printable. Just backed up a DVD of mine and I’m wondering how this scan is. Any input would be great!

Transfer Rate
Start 6.58x
End 15.76x
Average 11.79x
Type CLV

Seek Times
Random 121 ms
1/3 155 ms
Full 243 ms

CPU Usage
1X 7 %
2X 15 %
4X 26 %
8X 48 %


Time Elapsed Action
[19:32:01] Starting Transfer Rate Test
[19:36:54] 4:53 Speed:7 X CLV (11.79 X average)
[19:36:54] Starting Seek Times Test
[19:37:06] Random Seek: 121 ms
[19:37:22] 1/3 Seek: 155 ms
[19:37:46] 0:52 Full Seek: 243 ms
[19:37:46] Starting CPU Usage Test
[19:38:02] CPU usage at 1X: 7 %
[19:38:17] CPU usage at 2X: 15 %
[19:38:33] CPU usage at 4X: 26 %
[19:38:48] 1:02 CPU usage at 8X: 48 %
[19:38:48] Starting Burst Rate Test
[19:38:56] 0:08 Interface burst rate: 2 MB/sec (1911 KB/sec)
[19:38:56] Starting Spin-Up/Down Test
[19:39:02] Spin-up time: 3.70 seconds
[19:39:15] 0:18 Spin-down time: 2.33 seconds
[19:39:15] Starting Load/Eject Test
[19:39:17] Eject time: 1.75 seconds
[19:39:28] Load time: 11.49 seconds
[19:39:28] 0:14 Recognition time: 0.00 seconds

Scan looks fine. :slight_smile:
The dip in the reading graph occurred at the point on the disc where the drive shifted from 6X to 8X burning.
However, it is still completely readable and you should not have any problems with the disc.
I have gotten excellent results on Ridata RITEKG05 printable discs using NEC 3500A firmware 2.F9.

Thx Wesociety … How do people get the screen image of Nero cd/dvd speed so I dont have to manauly type it in?

There is a floppy disc icon in the top right hand corner of the CD-DVDSpeed screen.
Click on that and you can save the entire CD-DVDSpeed screenshot as a PNG file.

I dont see any icons in cd-dvd speed. Just a save option under “File” . The first burn is with nero and this one is with Alcohol 120% … Theres no dip in this one. Are dips in the scan bad? Will it affect the DVD?

EDIT: Just downloaded the new ver. of CD-DVD speed and I see this one has the icons…Thx!

Yes, you want to see a curve that is as smooth as possible.
However, I highly doubt that the small dip in your first graph will lead to any problems.