Ritek Ridata 4x DVD+RW and SOHW812S

Thanks for the heads up. I generally don’t pay too much attention to the user ratings as they are just about always bad and if you look the ratings for the 25 pack are good. One user there mentions a media code of RICOHJPNW11. I can’t imagine that Ridata has more than one or two different media codes but you never know. I will probably add a 25 pack to another order and report back here.

Alright guys, I got my discs, they are indeed RICOHJPNW11, at least my first one is. I also scanned my first one but it still has 760MB left on it… I also formatted it with InCD so that I can put my backups on it easily…

I had started another thread but might as well post it here (please tell me if this is against the rules), I know that sometimes these drives will read discs real slow, and I don’t want it reading my DVD+RWs at 4x… I know that the 812S doesn’t need the patch to speed it up (already defaults to 8x) but i don’t know if this applies to RW. I’m pretty sure it’s the same for RW media (reading at 8x) but I’m not sure.