Ritek Ridata 4x DVD+RW and SOHW812S

I saw a 25pack of this on Meritline and couldn’t resist as it was $30 including shipping. A few questions as I wait for them to arrive:

My burner burns RWs at 4x right? Is there a firmware hack of some sort to allow me to burn these at 8x? I’m just curious.

Will they burn well? I’ve had good experience with RICOHJPNR01 DVD+Rs… and ritek makes ricoh stuff, right?

I’ve got firmware US0N which was modded using omnipatcher to allow me to burn at 8x with the RICOHJPNR01… is this really old or something now? it’s been a few months…

I have an 812s US0Q and use the RICOHJPNW11 +RWs at 4x. They scan well and play fine.

As far as I know, the drive will not burn +RW > 4x regardless of any firmware hacks.

I disregarded the OmniPatcher warning and tried to write 2.4x +RWs @ 4x only to create a couple unusable disks (could not read/erase/write to them anymore) so I would suggest not trying that.

Good luck.

BTW, it probably wasn’t ovbious from my post, my RICOHJPNW11 +RWs were also branded as Ritek.

I see. thanks for the info. I hope they last a long time as I don’t really have too much use for them… except maybe backups which I may or may not be too lazy to do.

Was it a good deal though? :stuck_out_tongue:

I got mine at allmediaoutlet.com for about $1 more a week or two ago. They are down to a few pennies less than meritline today.

  I think it is a great deal seeing as I paid ~$2/disc months ago for the 2.4x RICOHs.

Can’t speak for the durability of the 4Xs because I just started using them but I used the 2.4Xs for movies and have overwritten the same discs many times without problems. They still play great in my set-top player.

  Here is the scan of a 4x that just got done as I typed this reply.

That looks great! Is the US0Q firmware better than US0N? (that sounds like a very general question… but yeah.) it seems like US0Q has worse burns from what i’m reading here in these forums…

I see what peole are saying about the US0Q firmware but I am not seeing the same problems (thankfully). From reading these threads, it sounds more like the drives themselves are hit-and-miss.

I just bought my 812 last Friday and it came with US0J. I was VERY discouraged because the first 2 flix I burnt did not play right (skips, freezes, glitches) on these very good W11s. I visitied this site, found the US0Q firmware, flashed the drive and I have been happy ever since. Never used the US0N version.

I then played with the OmniPatcher and got my R01s to burn at 8x and I was even happier. Especially since the KProbe scans are as good or better than the W11 scan above.

The media I use and that work quite well for me are:
DVD+R RICOHJPNR01 @ 8x (max)
DVD+R RICOHJPNR00 @ 4x (max)

I have tried these other media:

and they work but I don’t really use them because of the longer burn times. Haven’t scanned them but they still play in my set-top player.

I must say from past experience with my old 2.4x burner, the CMCMAG are very good but the batch of INFODISCs are spotty at best (literally, purple dye spots that cause skips, glitches and freezes).

Don’t know if that helps but good luck and keep us posted…

Thanks for the info! I think my US0N firmware should be good, i already used omnipatcher to enable 8x with my RICOHJPNR01s, I scanned one of them and it was very decent. I’ll post a scan when I have something to burn on one when I recieve it. Will meritline give me a tracking number or tell me when it’s shipped?

edit: haha, well I just got an email from them, I should have the stuff early next week.

I have a norcent drive which shows up as liteon ldw811s. The other day I downloaded a firmware from their site and now it allows me to burn 8x dvdrw. I use memorex 4x dvdrw media and my backups have turned out fine burning at 8x with no errors. Heres where I got the firmware http://www.norcent.net/norcent/support/optical/firmware.htm
I used the 8xdvdrw download. Hope this works for you.

Hey dc43, did you get your media?
Are they indeed RICOHJPNW11?
The picture on Meritline shows a frosted face. Is the non-recordable face of the actual disks bright silver or frosted silver?


Very interesting, thanks!

What is the media code of the memorex 4x and are they ‘+’ or ‘-’ media?

I think I understand how to cross-flash drives using OmniPatcher and LtnFlash but I sure don’t want to trash my drive. Has anybody successfully used the 811 firmware on an 812?


No, the 811S and 812S are not compatible!

:sad: Bummer, I was all excited. :sad:

What are the incompatibilities between the 811 and 812? I looked at the drive specs and the firmware binary code and they look almost identical.

But I also used OmniPatcher to look at the firmware and I do see 8x +R support but don’t see 8x +RW support (unless, of course, OmniPatcher doesn’t comprehend an 8x for +RW media and just defaults to only 2.4x and 4x). ???

I am interested in seeing the media code from ssimp1262 and, possibly, some sort of proof that he burned a +RW at 8x. Anybody else burned a +RW at 8x?

Hey guys, if you like this media it looks as though Amazon has it in stock with free shipping for $36 for a 50 pack.

:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
Where have you seen any specs for +RW @8X? Not even the new 16X burners can manage this.

So, there is a very good reason Omnipatcher only showing 2.4X and 4X!

BTW, I can´t even recommend a speedup on 2.4X media to 4X. Tried it myself, ruined three 3$ discs. :frowning:

I haven’t seen any specs for +RW @8x. I agree with you but, earlier in this thread, ssimp12626 says he is burning Memorex +RW @ 8x on his 811.

And I also tried to burn 2.4x +RWs @4x but I stopped at 2 coasters. :wink:

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Yeah, there should be a sticky warning thread… :cool:

Here is one more post of the obsolete firmware HS0P.

Attached Norcent “latest” 811 firmware. Months old Lite-On HS0P… :frowning:

Yes, this is what I was talking about. But, just because OP doesn’t show an 8x checkbox, that doesn’t preclude there being some byte combination that could be put at the correct offset in the file to cause 8x +RW burns. It only means OP doesn’t support it.

Again, I agree with you, I don’t think 8x +RW burns are possible which is why I would like to see some proof from ssimp12626.

I followed the link and was ready to buy until I saw the user ratings. The people who responded got bad disks and weren’t happy at all. They also said the disks were frosted - mine aren’t.

Aside from the reported damage, I wonder what the media codes were? :confused: