Ritek Ridata 16X +R w/ 3500?

Does anyone have experience with these discs? The price is an attractive $23 CND for 25 at a local computer shop. Here’s the manufacturer’s link which omits the burn speed for NEC drives. Kprobes or CD-Speeds with burning times would be ideal. :bow:

16x write speed is just not supported with current firmware. :sad:

Try the 16X Verbatim (MCC 004)…you caqn find it on supermediastore.com. With disocunts and rebates a 25 pack is $8.70 (US). I bought a pack of it and it works great…burns 16X with stock firmware.

That sucks. Between rip speed and spotty disc support (ie. no Ritek DL support until recently and Ritek R03s limited to 4X) I’m not overly impressed with NEC and the 3500. I bought the drive based on the 2500’s reputation but should have realized every generation is a new ball game. If these comments are flameworty so be it. If I purchase a 16X disc and a BenQ can handle it my apparently superior NEC should be able to do the same.

Seeing that I already own this wood, can I at least muster 12X with these discs or am I stuck with lowly 8X?

KR - Thanks for the link and info, but I’m in Canada. Between shipping and duty I doubt I’d see much savings. 16X Verbatims would run me $30 for 25 at my local shop which isn’t too bad.

You can get unoffical firmware here that will burn R03 at 8X and R04 at 12X.