Ritek - Ricoh Dilema



In my area, we are fortunate to have media sold in single pieces. This allows us to inspect each disk before buying it, though it tends to be mishandled by the attendants. :doh:

Now here is my dilema. Ricoh branded R02 disks have the following serial numbers, D1118B20350R(etched) 31118-B2(etched) K5504352E501RT5052018A02145(printed). The RiData branded Ritek R05s have this D0124C3110R 50124-C3 NCK607505107A09. Older Riteks G05 have DR5A03-01338 (etched) CPE608061158A14 (engraved) and other posts posts in the forums pertaining to Ritek R03 have similar marks with the V instead of D.

Is Ritek allowed to use Ricoh’s markings for their own media?
How could I distinguish between a Ricoh disk and a Ritek R05 besides the longer printed serials?
Do Ricoh R03s have new sets of markings?


Ritek manufactures Ricoh media, so that explains the similarities in the serials.


Its only in the case of these R05s where there are similar serials. AFAIK, G05s ang R03s have very different serials compared to the RICOHJPNs.


Yes I know that Ritek R05 can come with a Ricoh style serial.
It should be possible through the serial to differentiate them but I would have to look it up again.
AT least last time I did this I was succesfull.


This is only somewhat relating to the topic, but do not buy Ritek G05 media (very poor stability).


After seeing very good scans for RICOHJPN R03 and finding RiDATA branded RICOHJPN R03 here in Egypt , I bought 4 discs in slim cases and quality is horrible specially at the end of the discs @12X or even 8X .

I wouldn’t by anything again starting with [B]RI[/B] :bigsmile:


Thats only because its a Ritek own branded disc - Ricoh coded RICOHJPN R03 discs are usually very good


RICOHJPN has been media that fluctuates a lot since late batches of R01 to present. I haven’t gotten a great batch of R03 yet - Two batches from Memorex are decent but have random PIF clumps raising PIF totals from a few hundred to 2-4k. Office Depot R03 that I’ve used has random dye defects and large PIF clumps in general and often have 10-20k PIF totals because of it. R02 from Ridata is a similar story, some discs burn well but about half have visible dye defects and large PIF clumps, mostly near the edge. R01 was great media until late in their production when Ritek decided to let their quality control become nonexistant.



So , they did that on purpose ? :bigsmile:


Sure, it’s called control (control of quality/quality control). Apparently they’ve decided that managing/producing high quality media is not a priority. :Z They’re completely capable of not producing crap, they just choose to do so.


Well, it’s all about the money :Z


Well if the profit margins of media were higher, maybe they would use QC. Of course, as all there media is still widely used, they may as well not :stuck_out_tongue: