Ritek Releases Blu-ray and HD-DVD Disks

Woo… what better a company to release new media than ritek… nothing i like better than losing large amounts of data…


Lol I saw a lot of Sony BRDs too recently at BB

Oh dear…:slight_smile:

I have one solitary Verbatim BD-R here :smiley:

Hmmm ritek Blu-ray eh. I bet you haters of ritek will get a spindle of blu-ray Ritek one day when it’s on special at less than half the price of verbatim/TY.

If G05 and some G04 never died, they would still be considered some of the best media.


The two new formats went down hell :a

eww ritek blueray and hd dvd , i havent seen hd dvd burners yet seen plenty of blu ray

So what your saying is that if ritek produced good media their products would have a good reputation… i think i understand what you mean…

Well, BD-R is anorganic so it might be that they make something totally new and different :slight_smile:

Well maybe they do it as the new 16x media. They buy good technology from some companny and then do not start to push the lines as hard as possible. In that case I can see them making quite some nice media and at nice prices.
And like kg_evilboy said it’s a new product.
So I’m willing to give ritek a change.

Let’s hope that’s the case :iagree:

If anything, they’ll compete and help drive prices of media down. Right now BR media prices are ridiculous, even compared to DL DVD media.


Yeah well their G04s and G05s had good reflectivity, I never had playback problems in my DVD players, even if the disc was burnt badly. The degrading killed it. Otherwise you might see people hoarding G04 like it was TY T01/2 or something rare and good.