Ritek recorded largest global market share of 3Q 2005

I just posted the article Ritek recorded largest global market share of 3Q 2005.

Digitimes reports that Ritek accounted for 20.0% of the total
global shipment volume for DVD+R/-R discs, 21.5% for DVD+RW/-RW/-RAM
(rewritable) discs and 18.7% for CD-RW discs for the third…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11163-Ritek-recorded-largest-global-market-share-of-3Q-2005.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11163-Ritek-recorded-largest-global-market-share-of-3Q-2005.html)

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So much for the TY and Verbatim pundits’ pounding on the table that Ritek G05’s data longevity is questionable lately. Record sales! Overthrows CMC Mag as the King, places Verb and TY distant 2nd tiers in sales in the process. Go figure.

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What does data longevity have to do with sales?

Record sales now. Record tears in the future when they can’t get the data back.

Hmm, have no idea why the same message was posted six times.

India-based Moser Baer India (MBI), though, topped all Taiwanese makers in CD-R disc shipments for last quarter How the fuck do you work that out ROFL

Ritek can go get lost. I was using them for 3 years but all my backups in the last two months are now coasters. Moved to MCC and TY and will never look back. Any manufactuer who cuts quality for price to gain profits, should go down. I hope Ritek die/dye!

Like someone’ll give a shit what you use.

Some of Ritek’s products are Ricoh’s products as well. Some of MBI’s products are Verbatim products as well. Such statistics are incomplete. The info source is a Japanese firm named Fujiwara-Rothchild but DigiTimes.com “compiled” their data which serves Taiwanese industry. So the table ignores Japanese makers TY and Mitsubishi.

Stick with the fact, don’t try to argue like a neo-con republican – fix/slant the intelligence to fit the policy.

only use TY’s and Verbatims. Never had a problem and no coasters at all. Stick to quality !

Based on the inconsistency of results I have had with their CRAP, I will not touch any Ritek media. As far as I’m concerned they’re in the same class as CMC Magnetics.

To much junk media on the market now.

Ritek are still crap!:r