Ritek R05 - bad or not?

Hi guys,

I’ve been seeing some results from my Traxdata Ritek R05’s, listed below, and I would like you’re thoughts on whether you consider this media bad or not. 4x scans are great, but 16x scans on my 18A1P aren’t that good - do you think it’s the media or a quirky scanning drive?

All TRT’s were flawless.

Pioneer 112D 12x burn scanned at 4x: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=1781115&postcount=133

Pioneer 112D 12x burn scanned at 16x

Cheers :slight_smile:

The 4x scan looks reasonably good. Not outstanding but quite acceptable.
Max PIE and PIF well within spec and average jitter below 10%. I would
be happy with it.

The 16x scan is fairly typical for the LH-18. I have seen similar results
with mine. I notice that PIF stays within spec even at the end of the
high-speed scan.

I was planning to back up that statement with a hideous 16x
scan of a Ritek made 16x +R (Ridisc Xtreme). It turned out a
bit better than I expected :slight_smile:

Ridisc claim that their Ritek discs are the best Ritek DVDs availabe.
I’m not one to be taken in by marketing hype, but so far,
they have been proven right:

That’s all that matters really.

Well… both my LH18A1P drives love most media burnt well with low jitter @ 4x. If the average jitter level is below 8.5%, the disc usually scans @ 16x without major increase in errors. Of course I’ve had strange discs with low jitter and errors, show massive increase in PIE @ high speed scanning, but that’s very rare.

That’s why I think jitter is important. Usually, with a disc like the one you posted, the PIE can (not always) go up when you scan @ high speed. Simply because jitter is fairly high, and as your drive reaches it’s highest speeds, it becomes harder to read poorly formed pits and lands than it would @ 4x. Thus the PIE will increase, but not usually the PIF, unless it’s a poor burn.

So that’s a good thing that your disc did not increase greatly in PIF.

I’ll just say what you already know, that disc is ok for normal use but I wouldn’t rely on it to be perfectly readable in all players. I wouldn’t chuck out a disc like that just because it scanned bad @ 16x. If it does ever have some playback troubles though, you will at least have some sort of answer as to why :slight_smile:

This is a scan of one of my good discs. Most of my well burnt media will scan fine @ 16x like this, even if it’s TDK, as long as the jitter is very low to begin with.

When I first saw the title of this thread, I read it as “G05” and thought…you had to ask? :bigsmile:

LOL! Do you need glasses, Arachne? :wink:

Thank’s for the replies guy’s - don’t know what I’ll do with them yet.

Already wearing them :o…and in my defense, it was a quick flick through the forum, I wasn’t reading carefully :wink:

The drive’s 16x scanning usefulness would be confirmed by scans on other media IMO. On all my drives which are capable of reliable (in my experiences/as far as I can confirm) 16x scanning, truely good media shows minimal increases in PIE/PIF at 16x.

When you say TRT is flawless, on which drive are you testing & at what speed?, as these 2 factors can affect the result very much.

can i ask sorry to go off topic here roughly what point did the g05’s start going bad cos i done some scans on some dvds i burnt 2 years ago and their getting good scans so they had to be before they went bad ??

Not sure about that, they are generally ticking time bombs. I’ve also had ones that still work from 2 years ago but I backed them all up and threw them out.

If you store them well and whatnot, they may last longer but there’s seriously no guarantee.

They went bad when they were made… lol. Ritek G05 weren’t (IIRC) ever stable.

thanks for the info cd pirate :slight_smile: might aswell show yas a scan but i seriously want a benq writer :doh: cant get em for love nor money

Great scan there, especially since it’s @ 16x :iagree:

Unfortunately, that’s the way ritek works. Very cheap media, burns are superb, plays perfect in almost every player. Degrades from anywhere between a fortnite, to a year or two.

You should keep that one, I would suggest backing it up, but also keeping it and scanning every month or so to see if it degrades at all.

yeah i shall do i got the orginal anyways so i can back up when ever and heres how bad a 4 week old traxdata dvd i burnt on this mornings like also scanned it at 8X it was worse :eek:

also why do my ridisc say their made by verbatim :confused: not trying to jack the thread just dont see it worthy of starting my own thread for it

One disc says recorded with optiarc and the other says burnt with Liteon lol…

Sometimes it can get mixed up if you burn an image with cdspeed and it records the burn info onto the image. Then if you copy that disc again, it can come up with incorrect data. If that makes any sense lol

no no no im just showing u a scan of a g05 i did this morning and asking u why my ridisc i burnt my saving private ryan region 1 onto this morning is made by verbatim lol sry if i confused u both screenies are recorded on seperate drives i used the lite on on the second one to test out the ridiscs i got this morning cos i got told they was good dvds for the price which i got 100 for 10 quid and thought id test out my rpc 1 firmware etc on my liteon which i flashed from a hpdvd940i :iagree:

Ridisc = E-net brand not a ritek brand.
They also buy in disc’s from other manufacturers who make disc’s for Mitsubishi/Verbatim. Keep in mind that those are most times rejects or disc’s that are still made after the stampers are still in good shape but to old to be used for official Mitsubishi products.
Most times still not bad media, but a bit less good and consistant as the official mitsubishi disc’s like verbatim or the oem media for let’s say sony or philips.

Correctly the code should be recognized as Mitsubishi (parent companny of verbatim) however cdspeed links Mitsubishi codes to the daugther companny verbatim.

One thing Mitsubishi codes are probably the most abused codes these days.
Incase of Ridisc the product doesn’t use a abused code but it’s still made with the correct materials and by a manufacturer allowed to use that code up to some levels.

Well, it does the same thing on RitekF1 media with the max PIE’s reaching 160 at the end of the disc, Maxell branded.

MCC 03RG20 (CMC MAP6) give outstanding scans at 4x and 16x with average PIE of 6. On none of the scans do out-of-spec PIF appear, looks exactly the same as 4x scans. I’m thinking it’s a drive quirk with Ritek media.

All TRT’s were done on the 18A1P.

Cheers :slight_smile:

No I don’t think it’s a drive quirk.I wouldn’t blame that scanner.

Probably a question more of the drive who burned it incombination with riteks quality.

That’s plain marketing bullshit. Ridisc is a cheap brand that will sell about any cheap grade they can get from the manufacturers. They only tend to avoid the frankly landfill material. Either you’ve been lucky with your P16, or P16 production is overall very consistent, I don’t know, but the Ridisc brand has nothing to do with it. :disagree:

:iagree: My own experience with 16X scanning makes me agree with this. But I wouldn’t rank as “bad” a burn/disc showing an increase in PIE only, just “less good” than those showing no increase at all.

It’s not really a drive “quirk” IMO. My take on the question is simply that these Ritek discs have lesser mechanical properties than the MCC discs, thus with higher speeds you get more wobble, track deviation etc… which will show in some scanners @16X (yours) and maybe not in some others, who knows.

I’m not easily impressed by marketing hype. I tend to avoid media
that uses words like gold,titanium,platinum,AAA+ and so on.
I have been very impressed with the results I am getting with
Ridisc Xtreme +R with RITEKP16 MID. I have a good stock
of premium quality media from Verbatim, TY, TDK, Maxell,
Philips, Panasonic and others but the Ridisc Xtreme consistently
gives better results.

I haven’t been able to compare Ridisc P16 with P16 sold under
other brand names, but I have used quite a few Maxell branded
RICOHJPNR03 which are made by Ritek and they don’t compare
very favourably with the Ridisc P16 discs.

Do you think I might get a job with the E-Net marketing
department? :slight_smile:

I haven’t had such good results with Ridisc Xtreme (RICOHJPNR03)
or with regular Ridisc 16x +R (TDK003). They aren’t bad discs,
but they are not in the same class as the P16s.

Since Saturday is my weekly backup day, I used a Ridisc Xtreme
for this weeks backup and scanned it at 4x and 16x in the Liteon

Ridisc Xtreme (RITEKP16)
Burner: Liteon LH-20A1P fw KL0G
burned at 16x.
Scanned at 4x and 16x in the same drive.

I think those P16 discs use a Mitsubishi AZO dye.