Ritek R04,+R 16X, Newegg, $30 delivered after rebate

I have no opinion whatsoever on these discs. I just felt the price might make them interesting.

Wait is that because you haven’t used them? :confused:
I asked cause I thought you gave up on RITEK DVD media. :confused:
Also what happen to your sig?

Yo PC-Guy-

Hey - chas0039 just gave up his “Thin Skin” - it’s taking him a while to recover from the K-Bomb-ok

@chas0039 - IMHO - probably not worth the $30 to play Russian Roulette with any Ritek right now-eh?


Right, I have not used these so I cannot say if they are good or not. Also I don’t use Ritek anymore for my drives. However, some of people have used these and find them OK so I posted the price.

I had problems with flames so I removed all of my sig and added a few people to my ignore list.

Did they change the price?

I see $45- $10 + $4 shipping = $39

These disks are not so great but if it was $30 shipped I would grab them

Sorry to hear that.
So much love in this forum sometimes it makes me sick!! :rolleyes: :Z

Sorry to hear that chas. I hope this place can maintain a degree of civility and not turn into some pubescent flaming zone. What drew me (and keeps me) here is the amazing ‘content’ in the actual posts. There is a lot of substance here. I’d hate to see that get buried in garbage.

I certainly can’t speak for these Ritek R04s; I can only say the RitekG05s are so bad that I won’t buy anything Ritek again. I just got through redoing at least 12 RitekG05 (either Ridata 8x DVD-R or Maxell RitekG05s), because both had seriously increasing errors on either PIE/PIF sides. I spent from 16.30 to 23.30 backing those up to TYs. I had already redone at least 10 before that over several days. After something like that, I’ll never have ‘peace of mind’ with anything Ritek ever again.

Yah, they changed the price. Newegg moves fast, that is why I post quickly. Given the rebate and Ritek’s history, you should add these to your wishlist if you want to keep an eye on them. They probably will run it again. FYI, I would try these myself as I have yet to have a problem with +R Ritek discs. I have encountered batches that had burns that were higher errors than prior batches, but I was still satisfied and there was no problem with readability over time.

I totally agree with Quema34 concerning -R Riteks.

Given the eventual move to all 16X discs we will most likely have to start getting used to a different level of burn standard. So far, it seems as though only TY has 16X reliability, but they are all a problem for Pioneer.