Ritek R04 Producing poor burns?

I’m using Ritek R04s for DVD Video discs. They’re intended for a S27 Panasonic standalone unit.

When played I get a repeated stutter, once every two to three seconds. One disc had two bursts of visual corruption but the others have not. Is it the media? Or am I making a mistake elsewhere? I’m using Nero 6 to burn the discs.

Please test the disc at 5x.

I believe that the level of PIE might be over specification for this disc.


Once you rescan the disc at 5x, if many of the PIE values are above 280, then you may notice significant skipping and freezing when played in your standalone. If possible, I would get better quality media, like Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim, as anything Ritek doesn’t come with even a crummy year warranty (Riteks carry NO warranty, so when they fail, you can’t get a new replacement).

Thanks both, at least the Riteks didn’t pinch the budget.

I have a Compusa a block over, I assume if I go looking for blank media I’ll be able to find the manufacturer in small print on the label somewhere?

Nope! Unfortunately the only way to identify media and guess what you are actually going to get inside of the retail “giftwrapping” is to research and learn on forums like these. :slight_smile:
Have a look at our Media forum to learn more!

By the way… RITEKR04 works fine for me here.

Ritek R04’s don’t work very well with my ND-3540 fw 1.03 drive… I don’t know if it’s just the scanning, because I played back the end of both discs (where there were clearly some serious errors) and it played just fine on my Philips DVP-642.

I thought I was buying Ritek media, not CMC Magnetics. :a

Hmm, scanned the first disc shown in my previous post @ 5x.
Is it the scan speed I was using before, or the media? :confused:
My Taiyo Yuden discs burned at 16x (even 4x @ 16x) and then scanned at maximum speed didn’t have ridiculously high errors.

You might want to qualify that statement as “Ritek-branded” media. Ridata, Memorex, and a whole slew of other labels (who do not manufacture their own media, but rather rebadge another producer’s) do typically offer a warranty. I don’t know if Ridata is the same company as Ritek, but I got an RMA for the Ritek G04s (11 of them in a row failed on an NEC 2500; stock or altered firmware, it made no difference).

You are confused, it is Ritek that is crap and CMC that is good media, CMC burns great in NEC burners.

That might be an NEC chipset thing or writing strategy, more than model-specific. For example, the Ritek R04s didn’t work very well with the NEC 3500 (nor for that matter, did the Ritek G04s on the NEC 2500). I’ve heard the quality of Riteks have gone way down from a couple of years ago, so if true that could be attributable or the source of the problem.

Yeah well I’m playing back a movie backup on my DVD player, it just got to a point where the video actually stopped for a few seconds then my DVD player went back a few frames to replay it…

This is ridiculous. Guess I’ll try burning at 12x from now on.
What’s really pathetic is that I can burn Taiyo Yuden 4x media at 16x if I hack my firmware but the results are still perfect.

I never had problems with 8x Ritek DVD+/-R media in my ND-2500A, btw…

As for CMC Magnetics, I can’t speak for their recordable DVD media (except on my old Lite-on LDW-411S and the results were terrible), but I did buy some of ther CD-R’s (K Hypermedia label), and they do not work good with NEC drives. I made an mp3 disc for my car and it skips/warps all over the place. Plus scanning the disc shows lots of errors.

Anyway, if I burn these R04’s at 12x, I get no extremely high errors (nothing in the thousands at least!) when scanning as you will see below, even at full speed, so that’s a good sign and it takes only ~1 min longer than 16x to burn… I would RMA but I don’t think it’s worth it. Hopefully movie playback will be fine too. :\

Well nevermind that, even @ 8-12x there are playback problems. It’s too bad really, Ritek used to make great DVD+/-R’s, even when burned with NEC.

Guys, some 3540A drives HATE the 1.03 firmware. First thing to do is to try 1.01 (or L&D’s 1.W5), or L&D’s 1.W8 to see if things improve.

My own 3540A is useless with the 1.03 firmware.

Something else: scanning @16X with the 3540A produces erratic results. It’s OK up to 12X but even so (12X) the PIE reported are looney. Better scan @5X.

Thanks for the info… I was about to flash back.
And now that I think of it, I never had any problems with 1.01 anyway so why not use it?

What are the advantages of 1.Wx? Does it change the overall write strategy (which can harm some drives unless NEC is just mad that people use unofficial firmware :bigsmile: )

:iagree: - actually some drives work better with 1.01 and others with 1.03… Go figure… :rolleyes:

Which leads to your other question, as Dee choosed to use a MadDog base firmware instead of a Nec one for her 1.W7 and 1.W8, and these seem to work well with all 3540A units. Advantages: overspeeding, strategy tweaks, bitsetting, riplock removed, region lock removed. :cool:

Haven’t seen any harm done to a drive by L&D’s firmwares. But it DOES void the warranty if you use these. :wink:

I just burned the same movie on the RiData DVD+R @ 16x (now using 1.01f frimware) and it’s dropping frames again…

It DID have less errors when scanned even at full speed (but still way too high, though noticably less), though. So I guess that’s a sign that I should use this firmware.

I just got some verbatim media so I’m trying that… it would be really nice if this didn’t happen at all. Now I have over 45 RiData DVD+R’s that aren’t reliable.

I would also add that it would be nice if NEC would release new official firmware, there’s still work to be done. I highly doubt my RiData DVD+R media is that bad. It just seems like the ND-3540A’s writing strategy (regardless of firmware) does not like RiData 16x DVD+R’s which obviously depend on some new type of strategy.

I know NEC drives constantly adjust the speed while burning for accuracy; if you look at the bottom of the RiData DVD+R you can barely see any significant change of laser speed change, but if you look at the Verbatim DVD-R, you can very clearly see the various places where speed was reduced for reliable burning, and then increased when it was ok to be increased.

I think a lot of members of this board will agree with me if I dare say that Ritek discs are not very reliable… :wink:

Actually some 16X discs don’t work 100% as they should and burn better @12X on some drives. This is not only Ritek.

So don’t necessarily blame the drive, and don’t assume that because you didn’t have problems with 8X +R Ritek discs on your 2500 it means that +R 16X Ritek discs cannot be the culprit. Actually they most probably ARE.

Excerpt from the Media FAQ: (that you should read :wink: )

There are no guarantees that your combination of drive, media and software will produce a “good burn” every time. Even if you always use the same media, variations between batches and changes in the brand’s supplier can affect the performance of that media. In some cases, even discs from the same spindle have been known to produce widely varying results with identical burn scenarios.

And Ritek media is among the most variable media these days… :frowning:

Yeah, it’s annoying isn’t it? You’d think that they would have no problems producing these little plastic discs with dye underneath after all these years.

Here is a scan of the R04 media burned @ 8x with my ND-2510A.

Errors are lower but they’re still there. I know scanning at max speed is unreliable but I’m comparing it to my other scans at max speed.

What’s funny is that I scanned it last night after burning, and the errors weren’t as bad. The quality score was somewhere in the high 80’s or low 90’s. The maximum number of errors was around 680. In under 24 hours the disc has become worse…

Actually if you 3540A behaves like mine, with good discs PIF reporting @16X will be more or less comparable to @5X reporting. PIE, on the other hand, will almost always get in the stratosphere near the end of the disc whatever the quality of the burn.

With my own drive only bad burns will show high PIF at the end of the scan @16X.

BTW I hope you’re aware that the real “enemy” are PIF (PI failures), PIE reporting must be taken with a big grain of salt, even @5X.

Nevertheless, It’s always better to post @5X scans here, so visitors don’t compare pears and apples. :wink: