Ritek R03?

so ritek is branding 4x on the discs with R03 mediacode? aren’t they supposed to write at 8x? is this right?

Well euh somewhat… R02 media is 4x media and R03 was expected/meant to be 8X media, but as with (almost?) all burners they gave quite some problems at 8x, most burners burn them at 4x (some at 6x AFAIK).

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My Pioneer DVR-A07 and DVR-A08XL write these at 4X, as well. :frowning: Seems there is two versions of R03. The one that has 2 at the end writes at 12X on the A08 and 8X on the A07, where the one that ends in 1 is 4X only.

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