Ritek R03




DVD Burner : Lite on sohw1673s
DVD Player : Denver DVD 311

I have tryed 4 types of discs with this player and burner : Ritek, Traxdata, Phoenix and Verbatim. The Ritek and Traxdata discs burned and played excellently. But the verbatim and phoenix discs burned ok, and kept freezing in my dvd player (not on my computer). My brother got me the discs, so I don’t know the exact media code, However from looking at this site I noticed that the Traxdata is “Ritek R03” and the Verbatims are MCC 003.


From looking at this site I noticed the Ritek discs were also Ritek R03-


Does this mean that any DVD Media with the code "Ritek R03 will work omn my dvd player?


That is surprising about the MCC as it is better than the R03. All the R03 media you have comes from Ritek. They manufacture and sell to others for distribution. I have some experience with R03 and I find that the quality is variable but not such that it is unplayable. Older R03 was so bad that it had to be recorded at 4X and often was sold this way even though it was originally 8X media. Liteons like +R media better than -R so you are starting out correctly, but my 812S often would burn poorly and then would burn well with R03. You should check your burns with Kprobe; this will also tell you your media code as will CDSpeed.

This will help you find a media you like you can stick with. It is also possible that your Denver player is picky about +R media. Make sure you bitset it to ROM for the best compatibility, especially when you get a new one.

Also, if you find the Kprobe scans are bad, you can lower the burn speed on the remaining discs you have to 4X. This should lower the errors and increase the playback.


Thabks for the reply

[Quote]It is also possible that your Denver player is picky about +R media. Make sure you bitset it to ROM for the best compatibility, especially when you get a new one.[/Quote}

What do u mean by “bitset it to ROM”.


It is covered in depth here. It is a procedure to fool DVD players into thinking they are playing a ROM disc rather than a +R disc, thus making them more compatible.



Thanks for the help


furqaan, download this free program to check the media codes on your disks (so you know for sure what they are).
I would also recomend that you always bitset like chas0039 recomended.


Thanks a lot for the link ripit. I stilll dont understand how to bitset :frowning:


Your drive should be plenty new enough to use the official booktype utility from liteon. It was listed in the thread that chas0039 linked to but here is a direct link to the program.
click on “BookType135.zip” to download it. Unzip it and run it and it should set your drive to automatically bitset. I’m not sure if thier are any options but they should be self explanitory. If not post what the options are and well help. Also be aware that bitsetting and changing the book type are the same thing.
The other way to do it is to run omni patcher. As omni patcher is not an official liteon utility it can void your waranty so use at your own risk. With that said, many people have used it including myself and it is rare that it can cause problems. It will patch your firmware. One of the options that thier is a check box for is enable bitsetting. It does several other things that can improve your burning too). Read about it here.
You can always just use the liteon tool for now and consider omnipatching later if you like.