Ritek R03.... not frosted?

I came across some generic spindles of 8x +R’s, and the disc code is “Ritek R03”.

Interesting part is, is that they’re not frosted like every other Ritek DVD disc I’ve seen, the top layer is clear. The discs look similar to TY’s at first glance.
They also lacked any kind of embossed “Ritek” or “Ridata” logo in the center of the disc.

I couldn’t actually burn one of the discs and naturally Nero wouldn’t simulate a +R disc to check it’s performance unfortunately.

My question is, are these real Ritek discs?

Yes they do exist. They are for the OEM market and from the info I get from the importer they need to buy them from Ritek in huge quantities.

I have bought about 3 x 50 Pack Spindles like this from the importer in Sydney.

Thanks for the info!!!

The other thing I noticed is that it came from the same importer as 4x -R mirror finish generic media coded as “VDSM*****” (can’t remember the rest).

I also came across a spindle of DVD+R’s that ID’d as Verbatim MCC 003, but when burned at 8x by a Lite-On SOHW-1213S with the latest firmware @ 8x by Nero setting, it took ~ 16mins indicating it actually burned at 4x, and the disc was compeltely unreadable.

Also, the Verbatim’s discs had no label surface at all, just like the Ritek’s…