RITEK R03 DVD+R's not registering at 8x speeds

I just bought a pack of 50x of these RiTEK DVD+R’s today, at 8x speed, and using Nero Infotool, identified these discs as the RITEK R03 label.

Advertised as 8x speeds, why doesn’t it register on infotool with capable speeds of up to 6x and 8x? It only displays 4.0x and 2.4x, which I find strange. Nero Burning ROM also reports the max speed as 4.0x.

I have tried all 3 recent firmwares (Mad Dog 2.F8, TDK 2.17, and stock NEC 2.16), and they all don’t seem to want to see the disc as 8x capable. What the hell is going on?

Thanks for your help.

Edit: I forgot to add that I have a NEC ND-3500AG burner.

me too, MCG my discs are branded Traxdata 4.7g DVD+R (8x) but they are RITEKRO3 . flashed my 3500ag 4 times today and no luck yet .

Why does this not surprise me…:rolleyes:
Maybe you should email NEC and ask for a firmware update…:bigsmile:

Also I wanted to add that when I just finished burning a DVD+R with Mad Dog’s 2.F8 FIRMWARE with DVD+R Bitsetting on DVD-ROM, the disc still turned out to be DVD+R. I’m using Nero Burning Rom, is something I’m doing wrong, or does the bitsetting modifier only apply when copying discs?

This problem is brought up about once a week. NEC and Pioneer, as well as others, don’t think the quality of this media is up to 8X so they limit the burn speed to 4X on purpose. A firmware update will do no good. My experience burning with R03s confirms this. I get my best burns with my Liteon and a modified firmware at 6X. I get comparable burns on the NEC at 4X.

I see, but do you know anything about my Bitsetting problem I just added?

Sorry, I do all my +R burning on the Liteon. You should post over at the NEC section of the forum and see what they say. I know +RW won’t take to bitsetting but I haven’t seen any reports of the +Rs not working.

Liggy’s BETA 8 works for RO3 .

Yup, it does, except there are some weird occurrances with the drive buffer going up and down really rapidly and sudden drops as well. Oh well, it was worth a try.

I’m going to switch over to the TDK 2.C8 SE for NEC ND-3500A’s and just burn at 4x, I fear there’s something going on with the DVD discs.


My Ritek 8x -R’s burn at 8x and give very good burns-


mcg & fitzdragon,

I agree with chas0039, the disc you bought most likely don have the cap to burn on 8x, I got the Ritek 8x last weekends and my LieOn 1633S(BS0H) no problem went to 8x. :bigsmile: Pls read my thread here;http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=111824

I have the Creative 8x (rebadged BTC1008IM) and Ritek R03’s and they burn at 8x. Supported speeds are 1x, 2x, 4x, 6x, 8x. I also have a Pioneer DVR-108 and the Ritek R03’s will only burn at 4x. Supported speed is 4x.