Ritek R03 and LDW811S HS0Q.... does not burn reliable discs @ 8x


R03 discs are very unreliable with the LDW811S HS0Q FW even though they are 8x DVD+R’s. It IS a LDW411S@811S, however my 4X Ritek Ricoh discs would burn at 8x with little to no skipped frames (data burned flawlessly). With these, movies burned at 8x stop playing eventually or sometimes do not even start.

Does HS0R help at all? If not is there anyone else that can help me? Or should I just return these? I was not expecting such poor quality from Ritek. They are going back to being the way they were back in the earlier days of CD-R: UNRELIABLE!!!

Ok updating to the latest firmware HS0R, I get WORSE results with KProbe. PI’s: from the 500s to the 1000s, 1089 to be exact. Yet my PS2, a very picky DVD player, plays this disc with no problems. Towards the end you hear the drive doing some extra work to read the disc but it does not mess with the playback.

It works… so far. My only other concern is: how long will the data last? Hmm. I think I will buy some Taiyo Yuden 4X DVD-Rs for more important backups.

Now if someone could not only answer my first question but also tell me how a DVD+R with even more PI errors than before plays better in my standalone players I would be quite appreciative.