Ritek R03-01 @ 8x - decent results

If anyone else has this media, please try burning at 8x, and post what your results are. If you can’t burn at 8x, do the best you can. This media might not be as bad as everyone says (provided you have a good writer). Lite-on drives, on the other hand, don’t even write to this media at 4x very well!

This is the R03-01 media that everyone says cannot burn past 4x without getting errors. This is the media that even a Pioneer DVR-108 will only burn at 4x because of “reliablity issues.” Well, I just burned a R03-01 DVD+R @ 8x with the ND-2500A using firmware 1.07b. It took Nero 9:49 to burn this disc at full capacity. Here are the results, they aren’t as bad as I thought (tested on a LDW-411S with firmware FS0K using KProbe2 v2.4.2). Could be better, but could be worse. I know my Lite-on was burning these DVD+R’s with PI errors in the thousands (at 4x too).

Those AREN’T decent results. You have PIs over 280 and PIFs over 4 (and not singular spikes either).

I said “decent” not “good” or “great”. Note that it had no errors reading the data though… I’ve seen worse.

hey Nko3, this is awful!!!

Its of the worst discs I 've ever seen! :eek:

For a disc to be considered decent, it would have to be below the levels of 280 PI and 4 PIF.

Would you guys mind checking out my results in this thread:
My posts are at the bottom of page 6 and also in page 7.

I do not understand how if the disc is scanned at 1x there is nothing wrong with it, 2x has some errors, 4x is really bad, and full speed isn’t as bad as 4x either.

See here’s what I am talking about.

The first pic is a disc burned @ 8x with a ND-2500A, scanned at 4x; its a DVD movie that takes up the entire disc. The second pic is the SAME disc but scanned at 2.4x.

What’s the deal??

:confused: :confused:

It’s probably the reader; I’m not sure how reliable 411S results are. I pretty much only trust Plextools these days.

So darn annoying. Oh well. I just don’t want my backups failing in another 5 years when I might need them.

I had very good results with this media at 6X (better than 4 or 8) in an 812S with US0Q. NOTE: I had bad results with the 812@832 firmware even though it is supposed to be the same. When I burned the same media in my NEC 3500 (4X) I had virtually the same results. I should be able to get the scans up tomorrow. I recall the PI was around the 30s.

I have also seen very odd scans from the 411 from a number of other users.


Kprobe scan, burned on Liteon 812S with US0Q at 6X.

Sorry guys…it says the scan is attached but clearly the server is bogus today. The PI average was average 7 and max of 40 the PIF averaged 0 with max of 6.