Ritek R02 revision 1

I bought last time some Ritek 4X, Well I bought these at meritline they used to be rebadged Richohs that I could burn at 8X. This time I bought 100 pack thinking the same and guess what? they look the same but now the identify as Riteks and now I can only burn them at 4X :frowning:

so be warned Ritek arent’ rebadged ricohs anymore.

I just tinkered with the bin and reflashed so that the ritek will support 8x Speed will burn and post my results

If you did not already know: Ritek is making the Ricoh media as well under license from Ricoh (Ricoh do not have any production facilities).

You can get either one in Ritek packaging, and always could.

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Ricoh do not have any production facilities.

Not any longer or never had? Because I have some HP RICOHJPNW01 discs I bought about a year ago which has “Made in Japan” printed on the disc and packaging and they have a different type of serial number than the other Ricoh/Ritek +RW discs I have.

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You can get either one in Ritek packaging, and always could.

Until quite recently RITEK…R0x discs were however quite rare and I can’t remember seeing any reports about them 0.5-1 year ago so at least it looks like Ritek has increased the number of discs it makes with its own dye now.

well here are my results of burning [DVD+R:RITEK-R02-01]
@ 8X on modified HSOK firmware. With HSOP it was worse so I went back to HSOK

I just bought 100 of these 8X Ritek/Ricoh discs and find that I can only burn successfully at 4X. What a bummer, I have the 811S with FW HSOK. I’m going to upgrade to HSOP and see if it makes any difference.:confused:

HSOP Will not make a dfference you will need to modfied bin file in order to write a 8x and HSOP is worse the HSOK on for this media type if you want modified bin PM me and I’ll send it your way